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Cadet – 1998


Year: 1998
Country: USA
Genre: Muscle Men, Military - Uniform, Hairy Men, Straight Guys, Oral, Anal
Length: 01:28:52
Starring: Mark Slade, Chris Steele, Nick Savage, Brenden Keith, Jon Eric, John Ross, Ethan Marc, Derek Michaels, Marcus Caine, Matt West
Studio: Studio 2000
Directed by: John Travis
Description: gnn (the Gay News Network?) reports that military cadet Thomas Girrard (played by Ethan Marc) is being court-martialed after that guy was discovered "underneath suspicious circumstances" in his room, with some sperm in his rectum (partaking in a little barebacking, huh Thomas?). Apparently, all of Thomas' guy military cadets are afraid he's going to name names at the trial, and they're afraid of being outed.

Lovers John Ross and Chris Steele discuss the impending proceedings, with Chris being reassuring to a anxious John. The dudes share a delicate kiss, and John expresses his happiness that at least this guy has Chris. John is a brawny smooth lad with a preppy haircut, and brawny and curly Chris is obviously the slaver partner in this They engage in some greater amount torrid giving a kiss during the time that John removes Chris' white shirt and pulls down his trousers to disclose Chris' big soldier standing at full attention. Chris facefucks John in advance of Chris removes John's trousers and plunges tongue 1st into John's fuckhole. Chris' rimjob is well shown, and Chris himself remains hard through. John receives on all fours as Chris copulates him inexperienced with his thick dong. There are some great shots of Chris' athletic body as that guy bonks, as well as some beneath close-ups of his bushy wazoo as his shlong plunges into the depths of John love canal. Chris then proceeds his aggressive pounding missionary, and John discharges a fine load onto his stomach as his a-hole is ravaged. Chris pulls out and delivers several spurts of mancream onto John's pubes. They end the scene with John in Chris' brawny arms, talking about how they'll always have every other. Chris' brawny hirsute chest with black quarter-sized teats is fantastic here!

As the news reports proceed, discussing the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy, Mark Slade walks to the garage. Woof! Mark is massive! thick arms, built chest, and broad back, looking like a fucking hulk! As a formerly str8 pornstar Frank Towers, the recent homo pornstar Mark goes off about how this chab loves sex with chaps, not babes, and that being kicked out of the military for this is not smth this chab can take. Cutie Nick Savage is listening to this, and suggests to take Mark's mind off this issue. Mark plunges his tongue down Nick's mouth, previous to Mark is nude and Nick is engulfing on his thick pecker (while Nick's str8 brother Jon Eric briefly spies on em. True to expectation, a stripped Mark does not frustrate. His massive built chest is overspread with a light dusting of light-colored fur, and his shlong is thick with a massive cockhead! Although Mark groans and moans out of proportion to the oral stimulation, Nick's expert throat does make Mark fully hard. Mark caresses his own chest and nipps as he's being blown. As hawt as Mark is to look at, his acting sucks. He goes to go down on Nick, and it appears that this guy forgets to take up with the tongue Nick's torso a little, as this chab kneels to engulf his knob but then quickly acquires up afresh to take up with the tongue Nick's chest. Nick is fully soft as the underclothes comes off, and Mark's robotic oral stimulation does make him hard, however, Nick's very average in the pecker department, though this chab does have a full unshaved ballsac. Mark gives what appears to be adequate head in advance of this chab bows Nick over and fills his gap with his thick meat. Again, the fuck is somewhat robotic on Mark's part, and Nick appears a little bored, although it is a worthy sight of a heavily brawny chap like Mark plowing butt (and it would've even been more good to have such a brawny guy on the receiving end of some schlong. While missionary, Nick and Mark one as well as the other deliver good-sized loads onto Nick's pubes. The size of Mark's massive thick 10-pounder and big cockhead are very evident as his ramrod lies against Nick's much smaller dong.

Dark haired and attractive Jon Eric says he's Nick's str8 aged twin brother, and that this guy doesn't understand what's so worthy about homosexual sex. As blonde Brenden Keith explains to him, solely one more guy knows what a dude wishes. Jon's ready to try letting Brenden show him. Despite Jon's amazing delivery of lines, his straightness is less believable, given how quickly this guy engages in a kiss with Brenden. Jon has a decent jock and a full, slightly curly ballsac. Soon it's Brenden's turn to acquire a blow, and Jon's "novice" face hole manages to make Brenden hard in a hurry. A very average fuck ensues, with Brenden taking Jon on all fours initially, and then missionary. Unfortunately, Brenden appears somewhat bored for part of the scene as Jon fills his hungry hirsute aperture. Both males deliver great cumshots onto Brenden's abdomen and pubes, with Jon delivering a bigger and thicker load that discharges farther.

Thomas Girard, played by Ethan Marc, returns from his trial and this chab has news. He hasn't disclosed any names, and the injury will be limited to himself. All males are The delivery of lines in the scene needs some work, but "str8" large brother Jon Eric is upset that chaps who like guys can't be themselves. Nick appreciates his brother's concerns, and pretty soon the fellows split up and couple up to go their own separate ways.

Marcus Caine and Nick Savage couple up and go to their corner, during the time that Derek Michaels and Matt West couple up in their own corner. Dark-haired Marcus removes his shirt to disclose a very athletic, slightly furry chest and his dong, during the time that soft at 1st, grows to his full size with Nick's expert face hole. Unfortunately, Marcus shaves his shlong hair, at the top and around his balls. Marcus then slurps on Nick's smallish rod. Meanwhile, in their own corner, Matt fills his throat with Derek's thick pecker. Marcus plunges his dick up Nick's ready a-hole, and Matt does the same to Derek. The dudes deliver their loads in sequence, with Derek shooting an especially big, thick glop of cock juice onto his abdomen. Nick's load is not as big but very thick.

Well, the secret's lastly out! It was Mark's thick penis that delivered the ball cream in Ethan's taut butt, and the males discuss their family since this entire incident came into the open. Of course, they have sex. They begin sluggishly with a kiss, and Mark removes his shirt to disclose that charming chest of his, which Ethan eagerly licks. Ethan removes Mark's briefs to disclose his thick monster, and Ethan gives him what appears to be a great oral sex. Ethan undresses as he's servicing Mark, and Mark ploughs Ethan's constricted little gap with Ethan bent over the ottoman. Ethan's a great bottom, showing us how pleasurable a thick dong in one's arsehole can be! Like his other fuck, Mark is somewhat robotic, but it is worthy to watch his shlong widening Ethan's butthole wide! They fuck missionary in advance of one as well as the other males deliver valuable loads onto Ethan's pubes, with Ethan shooting up his belly. The scene ends with a fully dressed Ethan saying goodbye to a still undressed Mark. Mark afresh does his overacting, and asks unfathomable philosophical questions like "Why does life have to be so hard?" Young Ethan has all the answers apparently, and knows what's most good for the one as well as the other of em. Mark cannot call Ethan, and this chab have to give up sex to avoid getting caught. Mark's obviously not pleased as Ethan leaves to go home.

This was a very sweet movie scene. Although enormous on plot, the sex was nevertheless arousing. If for no other reason, see this movie scene to watch hulk Mark Slade and his thick penis and big cockhead (that is, if u like males with football player builds). The sex is average, but the bodies are astonishing, with small in number unnaturally shaven bodies. The acting and delivery of lines varies from compulsory and fake to very natural. As would be expected from Studio 2000 and John Travis, production values are solid through this clip. While the names with images at the starting of the movie is appreciated, the miniature picture size and the hats that the fellows were wearing make very difficult. Otherwise, former str8 pornstar Mark Slade has potential to become greater quantity than the typical gay-for-pay actors if that guy loosens up a bit.

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Cadet   1998

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