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Directed by: Jean-Daniel Cadinot

Cast: Vincent Jammet, David Bauman, Claudio Rosso, Sami Cheikib, Sven Trenka, Julio Perez, Jean-Claude Marest, Lucien Lebrun, Giuseppe Velli, Alexandre Parrys, Florent Mareuil, Yann Fellec, Patrick Ferniot, Akim Benja

Description: Which are the real works of art in the Musee Hom? The male statues or the curious juvenile visitors? Accompanied by his mother, the youthful student appears to be above all to be interested in a statuesque youthful soldier on guard and their stocky guide who's offering him a very intimate journey. Our student of admirable art spots the fake but finds himself a bit troubled by the head guide. In the evenings, when the tourists have left, do Adonis, Antinus and Apollo have a secret life? Do the lusty craves of those youthful guys of ancient Greece and Rome bring back to life their bodies of marble and alabaster.

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Cadinot - Musée Hom

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