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Studio: Huge Video
Cast: Jeff Stryker, Tom Brock, Mike Ramsey, Joe Craig, Brad Walsh, Joe Porcelli, Mike Raymond, Jeff Pirelli, Brian Michaels, Bill Henson, Jeff Quinn, Doug Cory, Mark Rebel, Eric Ruff, Jim Pulver, Scott Avery, Tom Mitchell
Director: Matt Sterling
Genre: vintage, Compilation, Pre-Condom Era
Year: 1992
Runtime: 117 min
Country: US
Description: Best of All: Matt Sterling is the 1st in a set of compilations that include trailers, full-length scenes and partial scenes of Matt Sterling's early hits of the early 1990's, and it's personally narrated by Matt himself. Opening the clip are the preview trailers from Stryker Force and Heat in the Night. Then, from A Matter of Size, a movie of the duet scene jack off betwixt Bill Henson and Mike Ramsey. Next, from the same clip, the full scene of Doug Weston peeping in on his neighbors Brian Michaels, Scott Avery and Don Webber having a threeway. (Brian, Scott and Don make a dazzling three-some who energetically perform each combination of engulfing and fucking, earning Torso Magazine's highest honors.)

Then, from Like a Horse, leatherman Joe Craig leaves a bar and finds sex in the adjacent alley with 2 others; Mark Rebel then rides up on a motorcycle to top Joe Craig on top of an inverted trash can. Matt Ramsey (aka Peter North) bottoms in a sizzling threeway scene from Sizing Up. Next, Tom Brock makes his debut in the window scene and Jim Pulver tops Jeff Quinn in their infamous subway scene in Inch by Inch. From Bigger Than Life, Jeff Stryker sings the title song on stage. After the show, this guy bonks Jeff Quinn who's been awaiting for him at the stage door.



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Best of All: Matt Sterling / Huge Video / 1992