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For ages people have been requesting from me scenes with 2 str8 boyz doing stuff to every other. I have always avoided this, as this is a website about str8 chaps, not boys who have sex with other lads. Well I discovered 2 str8 boyz who would be ready to do it...... for a price. I tried my ordinary way of getting men, but was having no luck, so I decided to place an add in the local rag to watch what I would acquire. I had dozens of phone calls from all sorts of chaps, from an old guy to 2 youthful twinks, even a dwarf applied. Then, a scarcely any days after I placed the add, I got a call from a boy with an English accent, Neil. I went down the coast to interview him. When I got there his girlfriend answered the door, admirable sign I thought. I 1st said em that I was looking for men to do solo discharges for a certain amount of specie, then I hit him with an even greater suggest, twice the price to jerk off one more stud during the time that that guy jerked him off. There where a thousand questions and I need to have answered em correctly, coz t hey told this chab would be ready to do it, his girlfriend had just one condition, that this babe could be there during the filming. I assented. A number of days later, I received some other call from some other boy, Brendon. We arranged to meet in city, as that guy was at a local pub sinking some beers. I went into city to meet him at a specified location but couldn't discover him anywhere, so I figured that guy was just some boy jerking me around. About 5 minutes after I left, this chab called me up asking where I was, I said him I had been there but couldn't watch him anywhere, so we arranged to meet another time, this time on a street corner near the pub this chab was at. I came around the corner and there this guy was, in a red couple of shorts and darksome singlet, with muscles bulging. He jumped into my car and we went off to a quiet location along the beach. I said him what I was after, and the entire deal with one more chap, luckily for me this chab was hopeless for specie, and assented to do it. I wasn't also sure about doing this discharge by myself, as there where 3 of em and merely one of me, so that night with the assist of my boyfriend we took off in contrary directions and picked em all up. I went south to pick up Neil and his girlfriend, whilst my other half went north to pick up Brendon. We meet up at a warehouse that a fellow of ours had been leasing and was in the process of vacating. It's a bit different than where I normally film the boys, but the opportunity to use it was there, so I grabbed it. What happened one time we all got there, well, your just going to have to see the vids.
Brendon (left in top picture) - 26, unemployed chap who does a fare bit of travelling around the country picking up work as this chab goes. He was rather placid (had been drinking) when I interviewed him and when I put the deal to him this chab was greater quantity interested in how much I was going to pay to do that than what was truly involved.
Neil (right in top picture) - 22, unemployed. Neil and his girlfriend had just moved over from the west coast of Australia, They where living in an old Queenslander with hardly any furniture, and where very in need of some money. There where heaps of questions from those 2, mostly from the girlfriend.

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Seduced Straight Guys - Brendo and Neal