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Russian River Rendezvous (Steve Hurley)

Studio: Brush Creek Media

Cast: Steve Hurley, Jack Stuart, Luke Steele, Bill Adams, Chris Logan, Kevin Speitel, Mark Kroner, Nick Nicaste, Buster

Brush Creek Media, the company that produces Bear Magazine, is known for putting the "big" in "big-boned", and this DVD is no exception. They grow ‘em large in Brush Creek! I’ve been a fan of bears since my Winnie the Pooh days but I got to admit - some of those grizzlies scared me and made me vow not ever to picnic in Jellystone Park anew, lest Yogi’s allies here catch me unawares.

This series of four vignettes, discharged on location in Guernerville (wherever the fuck that is) begins as our nine stars can-can across a bridge and moon us. Luckily it’s a long-shot, cuz some of those dudes are so large if they receive also close we’d lose a scarcely any hours of sunlight. And what’s with the can-canning?

Aren’t those lads supposed to be butch?

We begin our 1st scene with Kroner and Nicaste. Kroner can do this in his sleep - check out his work with Chi Chi LaRue - and Nicaste shined in Plain Wrapped’s Dr.’s Orders double. Here our baby bears are already hard at it, Kroner demonstrating these famed orall-service skills to a vocally appreciative Nicaste, who’s no slouch either, slurping his red-headed partner’s mega weenie all the way to the balls. Proving that weenie can go all the way down one aperture, this guy proves that guy can fit it in some other, as Kroner lazily works his way inside Nicaste’s arse, hitting the accelerator one time comfortable, and pounding like eager. Kroner’s in Heaven at this point at the ass-whupping proceeds untill Nicaste can no longer stand it and showers his juices all over the red chesthair of his partner. Kroner follows his lead, letting out a stream so jet propelled it hits Nicaste right in the face.

Mr. Hairy Assed Daddy himself Steve Hurley is next. This cigar chomping “titpig” is the stuff of legend, but didn’t this guy score a top forty single in the eighties with “Jack Your Body”? Or am I just having a terrible acid flashback? Anyway, he’s partnered here with Stuart, and when that guy lays eyes on Daddy, complete with stogie the size of a sewer pipe this guy can’t resist. Stuart is beautiful and Harley is just a foul-mouthed fuckpig who shouldn’t be allowed out in decent company! Cut str8 to the sofa as Hurley (still with cigar) does a very brief solo where this chab tweaks his teats and jerks off, screaming all the way. Wonder why that was there? Stuart suddenly reappears and gives Daddy the 1st of his treats - a hawt juicy frenching session. Stuart acquires off breathing in the second hand stinky stogie smoke, making pig noises and tongue worshipping his large paramour betwixt drags. Hurley knows some cigar tricks, blowing smoke right up Stuart’s butt. (I desire he’d have farted smoke rings.) Sadly, I’ve seen this performed in advance of, but if u haven’t, you’ll love to watch it.

These 2 don’t need a cigar to smoke in daybed - Stewart keeps oinking his appreciation as his Daddy with teats like bullets slaps and bonks his a-hole to naughty submission. Harley lies back and let us Stuart proceed his tongue duties; armpits, boobs and a bushy aperture all receive the particular treatment. Stewart let us rip an attractive goo that showers down on his Bluto boyfriend.

OKAY, here’s a freaky bit as Adams and Speitel receive jointly. To call those 2 bulky is a slight understatement, and Jabba sex is the order of the day! Still…if u like ‘em large. As Stuart, Nicaste and a pipe-smoking Harley mess about outside the camera pans in towards a bedroom where Speitel lies on a (reinforced?) daybed. The music made it sound like anybody was being spanked, but sadly it’s not to be. But with the soundtrack written by 2 conveniently named males (Danny Wang and Brian Fist ) I guess I just got dirt on my mind! As the salt and pepper Speitel jerks off we pan across the room to watch guy chubbie Adams mirroring his actions on some other sofa. Sadly, it at no time goes beyond this. The 2 not at any time receive off their respective beds, instead fingering and tweaking their nipps for the others’ pleasure. Such a disappointment to discover what I thought may be a Ruebenesque masterpiece turning out to be simply a darksome velvet painting.

Lastly, Chris Logan and Luke Steele are getting amicable in a bedroom, when who should walk past the cabin but Buster. Buster’s been doing this type of thing for eons - though not always looking so Dom DeLuise-like - and is always joy to see. Seeing the fuck antics of the 2 youthful bucks (I use that term loosely) this chab comes to a conclusion this guy wishes in and enters the room. (How? Through the window? Or down the chimney a la Santa?) He’s half out of his dungarees previous to the fellows notice him, inviting him to join in, rather than chasing him out of the abode with a blunderbuss.

Steele is demanding Logan squeeze his pointer sisters (he does - hard) while Buster works his own. The dialogue will make u blush as the pig 3some put the bedstead throughout some real torment. (Hell, I’d be checking the shack’s foundations after this.) Steele easily slips four fingers up Logan previous to giving Buster the same treatment. He spits up the one and the other their stretched holes in advance of Buster rides em the one and the other. And Steele not at any time stops the obscene talk, not even for a second. He’s like a kinky Chatty Kathy doll! The spit flies everywhere and we are treated to a beary sandwich with Logan as the well-filled filling. This great scene climaxes as Steele is finger screwed sending the Hair Bear Bunch into overdrive that ends when all 3 are absolutely matted with pearly spunk.

Format: MPEG

Duration: 1:30:44

Video: 352x240, MPEG-1, 1123kbps

Audio: 218kbps

Russian River Rendezvous (Steve Hurley)

Russian River Rendezvous (Steve Hurley)

Russian River Rendezvous (Steve Hurley)

File size: 905.4 MB

Russian River Rendezvous (Steve Hurley)