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Year: 2007
Genre: Fetish, Muscles, Leather, Rimming
Duration: 01:52:47
Director: Joe Budai
Studio: Elite Male
Cast: Randy Jones, Rod Stevens, Steve Hunt, Janos Volt, Nico Blade, Sergio Soldi (a.k.a. Don Camillo, Daniel Kilmer, Korath Ferang) and Ted Colunga

First up is macho shaved bodybuilder Randy Jones making out with bushy Rod Stevens. After making small-talk, they waste no time getting to business. They engulf every other, do some light rimming, and then Randy pumps away in Rod's well-used bushy aperture. There are lots of exits and re-insertions so that we can watch Rod's gaping red gap. Randy bonks him doggy, on his back on the counter, and on his side, then they cum. Not particularly perspired, though.

In one more part of the red dungeon featuring a low barrel vault and a iron pole, Steve Hunt is giving Ted Colunga a half-hearted pole-dancing demo. Ted quickly makes his move, beginning to engulf on youthful, black Steve's lengthy wang. Ted's attractive physique is harder and greater amount defined than we've ever seen it previous to. He's much less muscular than in, say, "Breathless" (TITAN). Young Steve pretty soon is returning the favour with Ted's mammoth ramrod. There's some brief boot-licking, then a 69, then Steve copulates the much larger Ted standing. It is charming hawt to watch Steve's lengthy jock energetically fucking Ted's shaggy arse during the time that we have a full view not merely of his furry muscled torso, but too his pendulous, size-L weenie dangling there. After greater amount fucking with Ted on his back on the stage, Ted discharges his typically minuscule load on Steve's chest, and Steve squirts on Ted's boot and licks it off. Hung and bushy we have here.

In the last scene large shaggy Ted stumbles across Sergio in a room with a wooden wall. These 2 make quite a couple, one as well as the other being exceedingly brawny and bushy and endowed. They really appear to be to be turned on by every other's bodies, spending a lot of time squeezing and caressing every other's muscles and tenderly giving a kiss. Ted's still wearing his leather cap, evidently to hide his hairless head. Ted sucks Sergio 1st, then Sergio manages to acquire about 2 inches of Ted's meat in his throat, then Ted flicks his tongue on Sergio's aperture for a whilst. You not quite think he's going to fuck Sergio, but one time once more the rimming bottom is the fucking top. Sergio copulates Ted standing and lying on a bench previous to they cum, Ted merely shooting a single drop of cum. And still nobody looks perspired.

Format: AVI
Video: XVID 480x272 29.97fps
Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg

File size: 699.8 MB

Sweaty, Hairy & Hung (2007)