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this is the 3D SBS (side-by-side) converted version.
to see this episode u need a 3D tv or monitor and some particular glasses

Director's Note: Growing up in southern Louisiana was a blessing and a curse. While I had to hide and bury the core of my being -- my sexuality -- I did however live in a place that illustrious life and living! We lived to eat, gulp, and be perky. My early childhood was not bizarre, but looking back, it was blessed. Summers were spent outside, climbing trees, making forts out of refrigerator boxes, and setting booby traps for my imagined prey.

I lived out of a care in the world... until the day I found I was falling helplessly in love with my sister's boyfriend. I vividly remember the day I 1st "felt it" -- that guy was just coming out of the swimming pool when this guy flipped back his enormous mane of jet-black hair like merely indeed nifty boyz could. I watched each drop of water collect and ooze off the tips of his moist hair, on to his round shoulders, and down the V of his back, all the way to the base of his cut-off jean shorts.

I was pretty soon admonished by my sisters and mamma when they found my secret. "Boys do not like boyz," they told, and from that day on, I was very aware that smth is wrong here and that fitting in and hiding the superlatively good part of me was going to be necessary for survival.

Flash forward to this day, and that way of being and thinking is no longer necessary. In fact, I live a life that I love with my 2 partners, our four dogs, and our "God dog," Bella (you can read greater amount about our relationship in this feature profile from New York Magazine).

This part of A Thing of Beauty is a celebration of living -- a life worth living. Nothing is stopping us from being who we desire to be, loving who we desire to love, and doing what we desire to do. Just like the refrigerator boxes that I used to transform into elaborate forts, our lives can so easily transform from "nothing" spaces to "something" spaces.

When u see this film, try and connect to the majority joyful parts of your past. Connect to all the things u wanted and still desire, and make em your reality now!

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A Thing Of Beauty 2 - 3D-SBS

A Thing Of Beauty 2 - 3D-SBS

A Thing Of Beauty 2 - 3D-SBS

A Thing Of Beauty 2 - 3D-SBS

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A Thing Of Beauty 2 - 3D-SBS