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The Paperboy


Release Year: 2011

Studio: ManHandled

Cast: Spencer Reed & Spencer Whitman

Genres: Oral sex, Anal sex, Rimming, Rough sex, Butt Play, Gagging, Cumshots, Facials, Safe sex

Video language: English

If there were 2 skills Spencer Reed took for granted, they were recognizing when a fellow would jump for a chance at his schlong, and figuring out the
quickest way to make that happen. And the paperboy on the other side of the door couldn’t be greater amount obvious in his want.
To be fair, Spencer’s robe wasn’t leaving much to the imagination.
“I’m here to collect the monthly paper bill,” the kid told, and just like that, Spencer Reed’s morning looked a lot less boring. He grinned.
“Oh, sure. Come on in.”
He took a wonderful lengthy, lingering look at the paperboy’s butt as this guy scurried past him into the living room. Oh yes, this would be fun…
“So how much do I owe you?” He asked one time the kid had taken a seat. Spencer sat himself on the edge of the sofa, propping one foot up so his robe was left hanging open, giving the lad a wide-open view of his thick jock. The paperboy took the bait, scooting closer in his chair.
“Uh, 20 four bucks,” this guy told, and Spencer started counting down in his head, even as this chab made out a check. Soon sufficiently, the paperboy reached out a tentative hand and started
jerking off Spencer’s cock. Ballsy little fucker. He’d expected it to take a little longer for the kid to work up the nerve, but hey, points for initiative. Spencer gave him an encouraging smirk, and the next thing that guy knew, the lad was kneeling betwixt his legs, nursing Spencer’s 10-pounder to full hardness in his face hole.
Kids. So precocious those days. Somehow Spencer got the feeling that guy wasn’t the solely ‘privileged’ customer on this route.
“Paperboy sure knows how to deliver,” that guy told. The throat betwixt his legs just picked up speed in response, bobbing hungrily up and down on his staff. Spencer rubbed his hand along the boy’s buzzed head, guiding it in a comfortable rhythm, but that just didn’t appear to be challenging sufficiently. A sexually excited slut like this was wasted on a casual blowjob….this kid was begging to be used. He grabbed the boy’s head in the one and the other hands and slammed him up and down on his ramrod, driving his erection further and further down the warm mouth, until that guy was choking and gagging, spluttering helplessly around the thick meat.
Spencer yanked the boy’s head off his pecker, drool trailing from his 10-pounder to the kid’s lips as that guy tilted the buzzed head back and stared into a flushed red face. Oh yep. This cocksmoker wanted it bad, and Spencer was just the chap to give it to him. He leaned down and mashed his lips against the paperboy’s, rencounter little to no resistance as this guy kissed him hungrily, exploring the younger face hole with his much greater quantity experienced tongue.
The kid was wearing likewise many garments, Spencer decided, and the shirt was the 1st thing to go, yanking it over his head to disclose a valuable bit of hair on his chest. Fuck. That fresh-faced blameless look with just sufficiently hair like that…perfect combination. He hooked his arms below the boy’s and lifted him to his feet, giving a kiss him some greater amount. The paperboy practically melted into him, throwing his arms around him for support and groaning as Spencer plundered his throat further. Fuck being used, this kid was begging to be owned, and this guy didn’t even know it yet.
He was sporting a gorgeous sizeable erection himself and Spencer sank to his knees for a quick smack. Fresh juvenile pecker has a certain appeal, and even more good, no thing turns a slut like this into putty quicker than a throat around his violent schlong. He felt the paperboy’s hand grab onto his head and that guy knocked it aside with a miniature laugh. Initiative’s one thing, but no sense in giving him any large ideas.
“Just be grateful I’m even paying attention to this,” that guy said the kid, but this chab was likewise far gone at that point to do greater quantity than groan smth that might have been a thank u.
Rising back to his feet, Spencer put the cock sucker back on his knees to remind him of his place, but that guy kept him there just lengthy sufficiently to receive his schlong rock hard and willing for what came next. He wanted some of that wazoo previous to they were throughout, and his juvenile ally didn’t need much encouragement. A barked command and a light taste on his gazoo were all it took to receive the little wench where this guy indeed wanted to be – atop his coffee table, expecting on all fours, little white bubble gazoo up high and willing. Fuck. A fellow could receive used to looking at that.
Spencer took a pont of time to savor the web site, massaging the gazoo awaiting in front of him, prying the cheeks apart to take a look at the boy’s moist, pink aperture. Aww yes. Nice and constricted. He bent for a smack, licking up and down along the boy’s crack, driving his tongue into that aperture, making his floozy whimper and squirm. He pulled back and pushed a finger into the boy’s a-hole, feeling the taut muscles clench around it, ordering him to back that a-hole up further along his finger.
But then this guy just couldn’t expect any longer and throwing on a rubber this chab slid into the paperboy with one single, pleasuring poke. The whore let out a lengthy, drawn out groan that Spencer barely even heard….he was claiming that arse now, beginning with a slow, steady rhythm, and building up to a hard pounding, balls slapping against the boy’s wazoo as this guy pounded in and out, in and out.
Spencer pulled out and pushed his chap to the daybed, on his back, shoving his knees back to his shoulders and grabbing him by the ankles previous to sliding back into him. He wanted to look into that cute little face whilst this chab drilled him, see him bite his lip and grimace as a real chap pounded away at his gap, hand wrapped around his own rock hard pecker, jerking his way to cumming from the joy of having a top like Spencer own his little doxy a-hole.
Sure sufficiently the paperboy was panting and groaning, his real craves brought to the fore by Spencer’s master assault.
“Oh fuck yep, sir, pound my butt sir,” the little whore moaned, probably not even aware of what this guy was saying, but it was music to Spencer’s ears. He grinned as the paperboy came all over his chest, and pulled out and feasted his eyes on the website of his prey lying there exhausted. Jerking himself and thinking of all the enjoyment yet to cum with his recent toy, Spencer blew his load onto the lad previous to sinking down to claim his throat with one more searing kiss.
After all, this chab didn’t wish him getting any greater amount large ideas like leaving anytime pretty soon.

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 21:35

Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1756kbps

Audio: 46kbps

File size: 286.4 MB

The Paperboy