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Dune Buddies


Dune Buddies

Release Year: 1978

Cast: Ed Wiley Malo Garry Hunt Paolo Gorsky Pepe Brazil Paul Hazzard Larry Paige Hugh Allen Will Seagers

Genres: Classic Anal Pre-Condom

Video language: English

"Fire Island, New York's homosexual summer playground, might appear to be an unlikely vacation spot for anybody who wishes to acquire away from studs and the Dune Buddies, but when your name is Paul Hazard (played by the strikingly chiseled Paul Malo), you're always thinking one thing and doing the contrary. Paul, a New York based dramatics instructor, is large, brawny, and mesmerizingly sultry. He has numerous opportunities for sex, and finds himself taking advantage of all of em. "I got the feeling I was being led throughout life by my schlong, and I didn't like it," Paul says.

Paul's majority promising student, Dennis (Larry Paige), is determined to make it with his teacher. Paul is attracted to Dennis, but thinks it would be unprofessional to ball one of his students. To receive away from those problems, Paul rents a abode in Fire Island Pines to receive back in touch with himself and regain his peace of mind.

When Paul opens his abode, that guy discovers this chab is not alone. Asleep in his sofa, clad in a t-shirt and clutching the bottle of champagne left for him by his real estate agent Ed (Gary Hunt), is Dennis, and this guy won't take no for an answer. It takes Paul all of 2 seconds to change his mind and jump into couch with Dennis, but their lovemaking is interrupted by a telephone call. It's Gordon (Hugh Allen), a ally of Paul's. Paul not merely let us Gordon talk him into coming over, but assents to take the forty minute walk from The Pines to Cherry Grove to meet Gordon at the ferry.

By the time Paul arrives at the dock, Gordon has gotten bored expecting and accepted a ride to The Pines from John (Matt Harper), a hunk with a boat. Gordon and John make it in the boat. From this point until Paul arrives back at his abode the next day, Paul embarks on a series of raunchy hazards with his real estate dude, Ed and his 2 bi-lingual tricks, Gildo and Ugo (Pepe Brazil and Paolo Gorsky), and Kevin (Myles Longue), with whom Paul spends the night in a tent.

Back in The Pines, Gordon has arrived, made it with Dennis, and splits in advance of Paul acquires back. It lastly dawns on Paul that he's come to the wrong place. He gives the abode keys to Dennis, and goes off to discover his peace of mind elsewhere."

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Dune Buddies

Dune Buddies

Dune Buddies

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Dune Buddies