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Studio: Military Classified

Today I'm bringing back an old ally Thalius! This chap has been out of the scene for a whilst getting married and moving on with his life! He contacted me latterly and asked If there was any way this chab could make cash and of course, I said him I did and the rest is history. Watch as Thalius takes one more step crossing the line into homosexual for pay territory. Thalius delivers a performance that made me moist!
When Thalius arrived to the studios this guy came clothed in his uniform and willing for business. On this specific occasion I had a camera crew on top of my camera crew shooting some footage for a recent online magazine "animalsmag" If u look closely in some of the scenes u will watch camera guys in the background documenting my discharge!
Once we got past all the hoopla we got down to business and previous to lengthy Thalius was arse exposed on my bed and I was taking some marvelous excellent pictures of this chap with his uniform on and off. Next we made our way down to my bedroom where I was all set up and willing to discharge. I said him what we were going to do and this guy was definitely nervous and u could tell the pont of time the cameras started rolling.
I bound Thalius up against my bench where that guy was unable to move and then made my move and climbed up on top and gently fed him my knob. You watch this guy was blindfolded and didn't know what was coming so this is truly an interesting scenario to put a str8 chap below. Thalius has not at any time sucked on my schlong so it was definitely a recent experience for him. Next I finished taking this boy's raiment off and that guy was bound up and stripped as I began engulfing his pecker.
After Thalius was rock hard and willing to go I mounted this man and I did it with reckless abandon. I bounced on Thalius' knob and rode him like a cowboy, side saddle that is. In the end I was no match or should I say my throat and gazoo was no match for this former Marine as this chab delivered a groan and yell that could be heard down the street. Wham bam thank u Mame!

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Military Classified Thalius 4th Video

Military Classified Thalius 4th Video

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Military Classified Thalius 4th Video