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Studio: Clair Production

Hunky chaps of Cuba show off their heavenly bodies and thick, uncut rods in this solo act clip. Chicos Cubanos opens with lots of shots of Cuba: the beaches, the streets, the citizens. The footage of Cuba is interspersed with scenes of Cuban fellows jerking off.

The guys are all pretty, especially if u like rock hard, smooth, black skinned exotic looking dudes sporting uncut knobs. The downside is the very low production values (no music soever and erection problems that appear to be to plague each vignette.

First we watch a very impressive Cuban with darksome olive baby skin, dark hair and dark eyes sprawled out on a hotel room daybed. He quickly disrobes off his street clothing to disclose a fine package in his briefs. Taking out his beautiful uncut pecker, this hombre makes the scene look very promising.

Unfortunately there isnt much delivery. He rolls around on the bedspread desperately trying to acquire it up. He rolls over and shows off his bubble booty; however, the wazoo play is very abbreviated. As the camera moves in closer we start to watch that that guy isnt as gracious as that guy originally appeared. In fact, the chicos face is marred with pocks. After a bout of uninspired wanking this chab manages to discharge a teeny load.

Next, on the same sofa we watch a similarly looking dude clad in some whitewashed overalls. Soon this guy takes em off to show his ample chest and arms. This lad is very cute, with thick moist lips and a knowing smile. He doesnt have the same problems getting hard. However, his session is still marvelous generic. After jerking off his pinga for a bit this guy eventually passes go and discharges a charming hearty load onto his fingers and pubes.

Guest number 3 (there is now a different sheet on the couch is a very darksome skinned boy (African-Cuban?) who is nicely athletic and smooth. Again though, this chab strokes his shlong as if it were the almost any mundane of tasks. He quickly spurts a creamy load that looks valuable on his black skin. The scene ends with him smiling like a Cheshire cat and speaking (in Spanish) to the camera.

The next guy appears to be very juvenile and is very delectable; a Cuban twink, if u will. He is seated on a chair next to the ottoman, quickly disrobes off his undies and rolls his limp dong around for a during the time that, as if expecting further instructions. This lad is practically bald and looks very pleasing. Once his jock is hard this chab cups his balls a bit and quickly cums down his leg and onto the seat, this chab blows the camera a quick kiss.

The next chap appears to be to be the Cuban alternative to a California beach chap. He stands next to some rocks, pulls out his overweight, uncut, pecker and strokes for a bit in advance of letting loose a precious gob of jism.

Curiously, we acquire to watch the next stud (we can call him Everyman, since that guy looks like an average businessman) take a piddle. It is kinda hawt watching the short stream emerge from his hooded wanker. Not sufficiently time is spent in the bath though. (The same make water tease is done afresh later with a younger chap Everyman is very quickly back on the original couch (with original widen stripping out of his casual Friday office wear. This dude is thinner than the others, has a curly chest and a huge darksome bush around his slender prick. Like the 1st chap, that guy has a lot of trouble getting hard. Once that guy is hard his 10-pounder turns out to be beautiful lengthy and handsome. After some perfunctory jerking off this chab discharges a smallish load into his largish bush.

This movie scene will mainly appeal to these who love Cubans, black dudes and solos. Most paramours of the exotic are probably more good off opting for smth from the Kristen Bjorn catalog.

Format: MPEG

Duration: 1:26:26

Video: 352x240, MPEG-1, 1123kbps

Audio: 218kbps

Chicos Cubanos

Chicos Cubanos

Chicos Cubanos

Chicos Cubanos

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Chicos Cubanos