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Dato Foland Fucks Boomer Banks

Release Year: 2016

Cast: Boomer Banks, Dato Foland

Video language: English

Boomer Banks and Dato Foland have hooked up on webcam in advance of but they're one as well as the other tops so nobody knew who was fucking who. Turns out they decided to flip fuck for this scene so everyone receives a turn!

They begin out giving a kiss by the window as the afternoon light pours into the living room. Boomer takes the lead and pulls Dato's panties off in advance of sitting him back in the chair and diving on his jock. Now Boomer is known for his heavy uncut but Dato is no slouch. It's astounding to hear Dato groan as his thick piece of meat not fast disappears inside Boomer's face hole. Dato stands up and face bonks Boomer for a bit previous to getting on his knees to service Boomer's own heavy penis.

Boomer just watches as his schlong disappears in his buddy's face hole and Dato does an good job choking tha montser down. Looking up into Boomer's eyes previous to moving the act to the day ottoman. Dato proceeds to engulf Boomer's dick during the time that gently fingering his backdoor and Boomer can solely wiggle and groan with the pure fun this provides. He flips up on his knees and Dato devours his backdoor. Slobbering all over his a-hole previous to driving his tongue unfathomable inside his body. Boomer likes this and is powerless to do everything but groan.

But Dato has greater amount on his mind so this guy hops up and aims his thick uncock rod at Boomer's spit-lubed gap and drives it home with one solid pump. Boomer takes it like a champ and settles in for a 1st class fuck as Dato pounds his gap. The switch poses and Dato bonks Boomer on his back as the 2 make out and stare into every other's eyes. These 2 are absolutely in tune with every other and their chemistry is magic!

Boomer tells Dato that this chab desires to be inside of him so they switch poses and Boomer aims his heavy fucking penis at Dato's anus. His pecker is so large it takes a pair of tries to receive it in but previous to u know it he's pounding that butt for all he's worth. Sliding his rod all the way out previous to driving it all the way back in to the balls. Dato is virtually screaming with fun from being filled by Boomer's expert weenie and this guy sits back and enjoys the ride. Looking up at Boomer with his metallic blue eyes as Boomer pounds his butt like there's no the next day.

Boomer changes poses and keeps fucking Dato from the side for a pair minutes then pulls out just in time to deliver a thick load of cum all over Dato's rock hard dong and balls. The kiss one greater amount time previous to Boomer lays back exhausted on the day couch. But Dato has business of his own to finish and that guy just now strokes out his own thick load of cum. Gasping and grunting as that bewitching mess paints his stomach and leaves his gasping for air.

Boomer hasn't forgotten his buddy and this chab kisses him sweetly on the lips in advance of climbing on top for a bit greater amount cuddling. These 2 chaps know how exactly to satisfy every other and it shows!

Format: mp4

Duration: 24:11

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2832kbps

Audio: 128kbps

Dato Foland Fucks Boomer Banks

Dato Foland Fucks Boomer Banks

Dato Foland Fucks Boomer Banks

Dato Foland Fucks Boomer Banks

File size: 526.1 MB

Dato Foland Fucks Boomer Banks