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Black Breeders - The Raw Roadshow Vol 2 - DC

We uncovered a stash of footage in a bag from one of our road trips that had not ever been unpacked. After reminiscing about some of our eager moments on travel we got to the business of putting the movies jointly so u could share in the moments in a fresh series, The Raw Roadshow. This time around we are in Chocolate City with a mix of butterscotch and caramel. Nord begged us to aid him cross "doing porn" off his bucket list. Jordan was in city visiting his family and was greater quantity than pleased to make it happen. Nord likes dong, and ain't ashamed. He too craved a lot of nut so the one Jordan dumps in his booty in this movie scene is just the starting! Jordan: "Glad I could oblige." Nord: "I likewise had 'taking 12 inches or greater quantity' on my list so...2 birds!"

Black Breeders - The Raw Roadshow Vol 3 - Nola

We uncovered a stash of footage in a bag from one of our road trips that had not ever been unpacked. After reminiscing about some of our avid moments on trip we got to the business of putting the vids jointly so u could share in the moments in a fresh series, The Raw Roadshow. Back in the south anew, and this is really the 1st time we worked with Jordan and King. Jordan was nervous so this chab watched us film the scene previous to with Quawn to acquire worked up. He figured having some ramrod down his face hole would likewise loosen him up so previous to Quawn left the room this chab was in there swapping sucks. Next thing we knew King was in the room and we just kept it going. Jordan was so gone that guy didn't even realize this chab flooded King's a-hole, but since this guy didn't soften up we didn't stop the act! Jordan "That was easier than I thought." King "I couldn't resist all that dick!" Quawn "Dayum; I thought I was about to have a break."

Black Breeders - The Second Time Around

Diesel needed a break to work up the next nut, but this guy was so concupiscent and didn't want to stop filming so this guy offered up his wazoo to keep the party going. He doesn't normally bottom, so Drae's thick shlong was such a taut fit it drained the nut out nearly as pretty soon as that guy got it in. But Drae wasn't plan to let that stop him from spending some time wearing out that thick a-hole!

Black Breeders - Thick and Long

We always hear "opposites attract", so we wondered what would happen if we matched up a slender jim with a lengthy pipe and a thick dad with a bog old butt to plough! Diesel walked in and figured that guy would run the show, until this chab saw Shaft's shaft! Once they hit the sheets Diesel knew this chab was in for it...but this chab was up for the defiance! He rides Shaft each which way but loose until this guy drains him of a river of nut! Diesel: "I have not at any time even had a schlong that long!" Shaft: "Now, that's an butt to ride."

Black Breeders - When Daddys Away

When Daddy goes away for a large leather weekend, his lads are left to their own devices... and schlongs and booties. K and Tyce sneak into Daddy's dungeon for some playtime, unleashing some pent up excitement they have had hidden away. They barely receive started in advance of K is laying wang up Tyce's gap; let the games start! K "Hmmm...I have not at any time enjoyed an gazoo that much!" Tyce "Man, u actually made love to my gazoo; I can’t expect to return the pleasure."

Black Breeders - You Asked For it

Y'all told, "give us a hardcore marathon fuck!" Y'all told, "give us a thick knob punishing a constricted hole!" Y'all told, "give us a fountain of nut shooting a mile high!" Well, here's all that and greater quantity! Drae "I need greater amount of that precious dick!" Romero "Don't think I'm done just coz I nutted."

NS - Duncan Black & Christian Wilde (Dream Team Episode 3)

Lou Reed wasn't the only one who liked to walk on the wild side. In the sleek 3rd installment of NakedSword Original's fashion-focused Dream Team series, boy-next-door Duncan Black gets paired for a shoot with down-and-dirty Christian Wilde. It's prep meets punk, uptown goes downtown, hipster hits the Hamptons. Opposites, as they say, attract - and Christian rotates around Duncan like he's got gravitational pull. He's got that raw sex appeal, and Christian pounds his alabaster booty in every position this stud can think of. You can't wipe the grin from Duncan's face and why the hell would you wish to - aren't you supposed to smile for the camera?

Black Breeders - The Walls Cum Down

These 2 needed some greater quantity room to finish fucking. They discover a corner in the bookstore and team fuck it out until they wear every other out! They go until K sucks the life (literally) outta Jai. Dayum, I miss that bookstore!

Black Breeders - The Skyes the Limit

Xavier was a little nervous when we started filming so Quawn took a little time "warming him up". You know we don't like to leave the cameras off also lengthy so we captured some of the prelude for y'all as a particular bonus!

Black Breeders - The Whore Needs More

We filmed a pair greater amount scenes and were wrapping up for the day when we heard some sounds and realized King and Romero were back at it. When we those fellows ever learn that if u fuck anytime on my dime I own it...and luckily for y'all I love to share!

Black Breeders - Touch The Skye

What started as a hook up ended up a scene. We were filming in Atlanta and Quawn got a message from a guy who was on layover but wanted to acquire "laid over". When that guy got to the room and saw the lighting this guy started asking questions. Long story short, Quawn figured it was easier to show him how anything works and that fellow became Xavier Skye! Quawn "I was plan to receive the a-hole either way!" Xavier "I had no idea this was how I would end my day."

Black Breeders - Up From The Bottom

These 2 wanted to hook up for a minute, and when I discovered out they every said me to put em jointly however I wanted. You know I'm a "best of all worlds" kinda fellow so I said em to just come "ready for whatever"... and guy did they cum! Kannon "It's fine when u can acquire some pecker and some booty at the same time." Xman "Ditto!"

Black Breeders - The Lost Files - Up Against The Wall

Y'all went mad over Drae and Shoota tagteaming wazoo in New Orleans. Well, they really did their test run in Philly when we discharged Raw in the City but we could not discover the tapes...until now! Drae and Shoota the one and the other love sharing gap, and Nate likes getting as much jock as this chab can, so this match up was a no brainer. The 3 discovered a wall and corner and just started fucking- plain and effortless. They go until one as well as the other of Nate's holes acquire the smack of white sexy nut!

Black Breeders - The Nola That Never Sleeps (Bonus)

The Breed has terrorized New Orleans on several occasions, but there's no thing like taking the city over for Mardi Gras. Some of studs were invited to appear at local hotspots, but one time they arrive almost any the act happen offstage! From backstage to backrooms to back home, the Breed brings it to the Big Easy! The Phoenix is open 24 hours, so there's always a chance u can happen in on some act upstairs or in the back room...And whenever the Breed hits the bar it's a guarantee! Before we receive to the Mardi Raw finale, we wanted to share some bonus footage from Donte's butt assassination courtesy of Beef. And since we had some additional minutes of Shaft and Quawn's oral stimulation epic we figured we would should share the longing!

Black Breeders - Shafts Hard Score

When it's on; it's on...and when it's in it's actually on! The tables turn and Drae receives a hold of Shaft's aperture and this chab don't want to let go. Shaft needs time to receive used to all that meat in his gazoo, but Drae and got no thing but patience...and a rock hard willing piece of jock! And speaking of turning tables, Tyce stops by the dj booth to request a song to dance to, but Brice asks for a intimate show in return.

Black Breeders - The Afterparty - NY Raw Bonus

We made a large mistake when we said u we wouldn't be able to show all the party here! Based on your feedback we decided to give u a smack of what happened after the nuts. These studs could not stop, and some of the studs behind the cameras even got in on the action. Of course I had to make sure anybody kept a camera rolling!

Black Breeders - The Breakdown

All nice things need to cum in the end, so what more good way to close out this marathon fuck but with Shaft getting shafted hard and rock hard until his gap runneth over with Beef's thick white gravy! Talk about going out with a gangbang!

Black studs & French bottom In Hard Gangbang

Release Year: 2007

Cast: Souan, Tyler, Medhi, Miky, Chris, Greg, Ben, Jordan

Black Breeders - Raw Extraction

The party is in full swing...and it's time for some full nuts to bust! Donte receives the cum drilled out of him, but that doesn't stop him from taking greater quantity dick...and Drae's nut up his a-hole! But don't think this means the party's over; "nuttin'" will keep those men from greater quantity naughty a-hole fucking!

Black Breeders - Romero Hits Bottom

The party is still going on with those chaps trading rods and holes like baseball cards! But after fucking each aperture this chab could acquire his knob in, Romero lastly gives up some arse. Once Van's thick rod hits the right spot Romero spills all over himself; what a way to blow!

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