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Hot Stuff Deep And Tight

Release Year: 2016

Studio: KristenBjorn

Cast: Wagner Vittoria, Sergi Rodriguez, Xavi Garcia

BreederFuckers - Shane Session 2

Beefy attractive rugger Shane has fast fallen from admired built star to a jock hungry slag in a piss-stinking bog. His arms are fastened behind his back and he's on his knees in no thing but a bawdy dong belt. Adrian grabs Shane's 10-pounder and jerks him untill this chab can't stop himself growing unyielding. He's on the brink of ejaculating, but this isn't about his enjoyment. He's presented with 2 hard rods in front of his face when he's shouted at to service or there will be consequences. He desperately turns from one erection to the other sloppily engulfing em untill spit and rod juice is running down his rock hard unshaved jaw. Shane is so overwhelmed with shlong being rammed down his face hole it feels like he's permanently stationed here in the toilets.

Tomas in firmly attached to a long

Release Year: 2017

Video language: English

Young Latin man Tomas in firmly attached to a lengthy, narrow bench with various lengths of velcro, at his ankles, across his haunches, just beneath his pecs and around his face hole. His wrists are likewise fastened with velcro, making bending his arms sufficiently to reach the thongs and free himself impossible. (Yes, we are ingenious!) Tomas looks outstanding struggling and flexing against his bonds, unable to even lift his torso, let alone free himself. All that guy can do is flail his arms and legs to completely no effect. Rope guy J.J. takes advantage of his boy’s powerless position, whipping his abs and haunches, playing his teats, then whipping em, likewise

BareTwinks - An Afternoon Of Raw Cock Swapping

Release Year: 2017

Cast: Kayden Alexander, Justin Cummings

Smeared with sperm

Release Year: 2017

Cast: Carlos Leao, Alvaro Fizz

Genres: Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Dick, Blowjob, Cumshot, Facial, Cum Swapping, Interracial, Kissing, Latinos, Masturbation, Muscles, Piercing, Tattoos, Uncut.

Addicted: Scene 01 Damien Crosse & Damien Crosse

Release Year: 2017

Cast: Damien Crosse & Alex Marte

Fukn Thick Dicks

Studio: Hot Desert Knights

Just as the title offers! This film is loaded with some of the massive and thickest schlongs you have ever seen. Cute hawt Latin America studs and fukn thick dicks….always a winning combination.

Hard threesome surprise

Release Year: 2013

Cast: Owen Hawk, Brandon Hawk, Joey Rodriguez aka Armond Rizzo

Dani Robles, Diego Lauzen

Release Year: 2017

Cast: Dani Robles, Diego Lauzen

Genres: Anal Sex, Bareback, Blowjob, Cumshots, Hairy, Interracial, Kissing, Latinos, Masturbation, Muscles, Piercing, Rimming, Tattoos, Uncut.

Grand opening of the club

Release Year: 2017

Cast: Alessio Romero, Matt Stevens, Brian Bonds, Jon Galt, Sean Duran, Fernando Esteban, Vic Rocco, Trey Turner

Third World – Tight Latin Manholes (2008)

Release Year: 2008

Cast: Erick, Breno Biaggi, Bruno (II), Junior, Kaike, Kawa, Rudolfo

Carlos Leao, Alvaro Fizz

Release Year: 2017

Cast: Carlos Leao, Alvaro Fizz

Genres: Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Dick, Blowjob, Cumshot, Facial, Cum Swapping, Interracial, Kissing, Latinos, Masturbation, Muscles, Piercing, Tattoos, Uncut.

Carlos Andre And Ivan Maia

Studio: Redhotlatinos

Carlos Andre enters the balcony enjoying a cold juice, Carlos suggests some to Ivan Maia who is watching him. Ivan enjoys some of the juice stands to return the cup and steps in to lock lips with Carlos for a unfathomable moist carnal kiss. Making his way towards Carlos manhood Ivan traces the chiseled chest and abs with his tongue teasing the hard nipps. Finally Ivan finds his prize a massive hard penis beneath a little dark swimsuit. He pulls the hard ramrod out and hungrily starts engulfing on it taking unfathomable in his face hole. Carlos now rimming Ivan bent over the rail until Ivan begins riding Carlos face. With a shriek of fun Ivan is permeated from behind and Carlos is pounding away at the constricted boipussy. Ivan pulls Carlos closer and deeper with every thrust. As Carlos keeps wanking with his plump swollen penis throbbing inside of Ivans butt. Now bent over the rail once more Carlos is impaling Ivans sore chocolate hole unfathomable and fierce until this guy whips his shlong from Ivans booty and jerked the wet rod untill an eruption of sexy cum showered down onto his face and nude brawny body as this guy milks his own dripping shlong.

Bruno Bordas and Luciano Bonzas (Hd )

Studio: Red Hot Latinos

Returning from a lengthy walk Bruno Bordas and Luciano Bonzas have a cold juice. After engulfing on an ice cube, Luciano starts to stimulate Brunos hard nipps with it. As they start making out passionately, enjoying the smack of every others month and perspired bodies, going back and forth from throat to armpits during the time that Luciano cups Brunos butt! Luciano on his knees bites at Brunos bulge. Unable to stop pawing at every other like animals in heat they bite every other and exchange spit. Luciano bows Bruno over the cooler and starts to smack his pink rosebud. Bruno turns to put Lucianos weenie in his throat as Luciano opens his aperture with his exploring fingers. After falling to the ground Bruno, now on top, slips up to sit on Lucianos face desirous to feel that sexy soaked tongue going wild inside of his hungry wazoo anew. After a sexy 69 session Luciano is face unfathomable in Brunos guy twat. A very horned up Bruno pushes Luciano on his back and continues to viciously face fuck him. Now on all fours in the grass Bruno rims Luciano in advance of a series of unfathomable thrusts. Awakened by Brunos biggest ramrod in him Luciano bows Bruno over the gate and pounds away like a Jack rabbit until that guy cant take anymore and let loose his creamy jism on Brunos asscrack. Soon followed by Bruno releasing his own sticky spunk all over the fence.

Night Dances


Night dances

Release Year: 2017

Cast: Mario Cruz, Owen Powers, Daxton Ryker, Mitch Roberts, Saxon West, Sean Duran, Dek Reckless, Brett Bradley, Dillon Anderson, Jay Ricci

Alex Hawk & Chip Young Flip–Flop Fuck (720p)

Cast: Alex Hawk, Chip Young

Genres: Bareback, Anal, Oral, Blowjob, Hunk, Muscle, Beefy, Bear, Hairy, Jockstrap, Tattoo, Cum, Flip Flop, Flip Fuck, Raw, Rough, Rimming, Fingering, Kissing

Perfect Pairs vol.4

Release Year: 2009

Studio: Studio 2000

Cast: Aaron Aaron Preval Damian Fabri Julian Marcos de la Fuente Pablo L. Pablo T. Ronaldo Tomas Leandro Tomás Sebastiani

Rascal Video – Take One For The Team (2011)

Release Year: 2011

Cast: Todd Winters, Eddie Stone, Cody Scott, Andel, Toby O'Connor, Sean West, Justin Wells, Jason Ridge

RS-Jaxton Wheeler & Teddy Torres

Video language: English

Wearing no thing but threadbare rags bound around their waists, Jaxton Wheeler and Teddy Torres face off in a Roman gladiatorial wrestling match. After several perspired rounds of combat, Jaxton succeeds in putting Teddy in a headlock and rips off his the rag encircling Teddy's waist, revealing Teddy's hirsute bubble ass. Jaxton claims his prize by burying his bearded face unfathomable into Teddy's furry crack. Knowing his place, Teddy kneels down on the floor to orally service Jaxson's biggest dong. Jaxton's giant legs bulge as this guy thrusts his haunches, face fucking Teddy's endless face hole. With his rod hard as a rock, Jaxton bows Teddy over and begins giving him a coarse, doggy style fuck. As Jaxton rams his meat into Teddy's curly butt, Ace Era peeps on em from just outside the door to the chamber, enhancing the passion of voyeurism by jerking off his shlong. Moving on from doggy style, Teddy lies on his back and lifts his leg over Jaxton's shoulder. Jaxton delivers unfathomable, rock hard thrusts, pulling his pecker all the way out and poking it all the way in every time. The thick, black fur covering Teddy's body is slick with sweat, spit, and lube. From across the room, Ace proceeds watching the act whilst working his thick shaft. Teddy punches Jaxton in the chest, urging him to fuck even faster and harder. The scorching sexy act makes Ace discharge his wad, ejaculating a huge rope of white cum across his haunch. As Jaxton buries his tool inside Teddy, Teddy jerks his pecker and discharges a massive jet of cum onto his shaggy abdomen. Jaxton pulls on and strokes out his sexy, white load, which lands right on Teddy's shaggy taint.

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