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Hitchhiking slut

Release Year: 2014

Cast: Antonio Biaggi, Brian Davilla, Derek Parker, Shay Michaels

Genres: Anal/Oral, Bareback, Big Dick, Cum Eating, Cumshots, Hairy, Kissing, Masturbation, Mature, Muscles, Orgy, Outdoors, Piercing, Rimming, Tattoos, Uncut.

Jamboree Sluts

Release Year: 2010

Studio: Vimpex Tainted TwinX

Genres: Bareback, Oral, Anal Sex, Twinks (Young Meat), Uncut Cocks, Amateurs, Big Cocks, Threeways

BadPuppy - Honza Onus and Milos Ovcacek

Honza Onus was lying in couch doing what majority boys do when they are alone when in walks Milos Ovcacek. Shyly at 1st Milos approaches the couch; but, after a large grin and a Heloo from Honza, Milos walks over and sits on the couch beside Honza. They just now embrace in a unfathomable vehement kiss; but, it’s not lengthy previous to Milos is eyeing up what Honza was playing with in the 1st place. Milos slips down and sucks up each final inch of Honza’s penis in advance of moving on to engulfing down and licking his balls. Milos pulls off his panties and after Honza spots that thick, lengthy and fully vertical schlong which Milos is sporting this guy swallows it entire. On to some sixty-nineing those 2 males work every other jocks until Honza is so heated up that that guy turns around and backs his booty right up to Milos’ dong. As they kiss Milos lazily pushes his weenie unfathomable inside Honza. Once Honza is used to the size Milos begins fucking a little faster, grabbing Honza’s penis and jerking it for him as that guy proceeds to thrust in and out. It’s not lengthy previous to Milos is just pounding away at Honza’s butt. Honza grabs his jock, starts jerking and shortly thereafter that guy literally blows his load all over his belly and chest. But, there is no stopping Honza. He jumps up, pushes Milos’ legs back and shoves his dong unfathomable into Milos’ arse. Milos begins jerking his knob and previous to lengthy that guy discharges his thick creamy load of ball cream all over his lean body.

Dillon and Kyross Playtime

Release Year: 2016

Video language: English

He opens his throat and swallows as much of that powerful shaft as that guy can take. And this guy can take a lot!

Tooled Up Twinks

Release Year: 2008

Studio: Bottom Boys , Eurocreme

Cast: Johan Volny, Jeffery Radden, John Hill, Thomas Dyk, John Magiaty, Martin Corvin, Samuel Boswell, Dillon Day, Bob Farlow, Patric Ewen, Fanny Duke, Martin North

Long and thick cock for me

Release Year: 2013

Cast: Marcus Isaacs, Mike Dozer

Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Hunks, Muscles, Hairy, Kissing, Rimming, Fingering, Spitting, Cum Eating, Tattoos, Cumshots

BadfPuppy - Boris Encinas, Julian Mattei

After a night of partying Boris Encinas and Julian Mattei hook up for some hawt sex. We discover em giving a kiss on the ottoman, rubbing every other’s chest and knobs; quickly ditching their panties. Once their clothing were laying on the floor Boris goes str8 for Julian’s pecker which that guy swallows in it is entirety. As he’s engulfing Julian’s cock, Julian reaches around and strokes Boris’ fully engorged schlong; obviously turned on with the thick penis this chab has in his hands and throat. Wanting to acquire some of that dick act himself, Julian has Boris stand up on the back of the couch where that guy can orally service Boris’ penis. Julian switches places with Boris and as that guy bows over exposing his a-hole, Boris begins licking Julian’s rectal hole and working it with his tongue. After a worthwhile priming, Julian kneels down on the bed and Boris buries his thick 10-pounder all the way up Julian’s a-hole and begins pounding furiously. Boris bonks Julian on his knees for a hardly any minutes and then this chab sits down on the ottoman where Julian sits himself down onto Boris’s penis anew; riding up and down, his own lengthy, hard shlong bouncing with every thrust. As that guy is getting drilled by Boris’ 10-pounder Julian takes his own dong in hand and with a small in number strokes cum discharges all over his rod, belly and floor. Boris pulls out of Julian, grabs his own 10-pounder and squirts a thick moist load all over Julian’s balls and dong.

Bareback Boys And Their Tasty Treats

Release Year: 2016

Cast: Carmen Delano, Elijah Young

Ilan Manson takes 2 loads from Dylan Cox

Release Year: 2011

Cast: homosexuals

Genres: Bareback, Cum Eating, Facial, Rimming, Hunks, Hardcore, Big Cock, Anal/Oral Sex

Suck Dick Save The World part 4

Release Year: 2012

Studio: Treasure island media

Cast: Chris, Luke Bennett, Aaron Xanders, Alex, Blue Bailey, Brad McGuire,

Cock Smokers


Cock Smokers

Release Year: 2006

Studio: Saggerz Skaterz, Bonerama

Cast: Jeremiah Johnson, Mike Roberts, Shane Allen, Ayden James, Justin Jones, Keith Ledger, Dobie Giles, Michael, Stacey.

RandyBlue - Abele Place and Brett Swanson

Abele Place is back in the gym joined by one of our veterans, Brett Swanson. The 2 met the night in advance of and were very desirous for their scene jointly. I said em to just chill and stretch a bit previous to their scene. They started trading exercising tips which of course this leads to a little showing off. Abele slyly displays his abs during the time that lying back on the fitness ball. Brett then demands this chab take his shirt off. When Abele discloses his pumped up frame hidden underneath that sexy hot fur, Brett has to pull his face hole up from the floor. Brett begins uncontrollably rubbing and touching Abele. He asks Abele if that guy minds the attention. Abele responds by giving a kiss him passionately. All of this talk has gotten Abele hard and this chab is sick of beating around the bush. Brett begins engulfing Abele right then and there on the fitness ball. The faces of joy Abele was making clued me in that Brett was doing an great job. Abele lastly receives down and sucks on Brett. Brett has swollen dick that is begging for attention and Abele is going to devour it all in one swallow. In the frenzy of excitement they discover themselves sixty nining on the incline cram and eventually Abele acquires into a position and slides his shaft inside Brett. Brett is a pro and cant live without it a little coarse. Abele slaps his arse and copulates Brett as hard as that guy can until the cum discharges out of Brett in litres of white hawt sperm. Abele then nuts all over Brett, hitting him in the face with his own coat of jism. Then the 2 kiss passionately, melding their perspired bodies into every other. I think they need to hit the showers.

Raging Stallion - The Tourist - Rogan Richards and Paco

Hairy and bearded, with pierced nipps, Paco is shocked when that guy finds Rogan Richards captured and fastened. When their eyes meet, a raunchy spark ignites. The connection is intensive. Rogan asks for water: Paco takes unfathomable draughts from a bottle and let us the reviving liquid ooze into Rogan's throat. Suddenly, escape is the final thing on Rogan's mind. The males grab every other in urgent craving. Paco swallows Rogan's chunky dong in unfathomable gulps, squeezing Rogan's balls against his huge hips. Rogan spins Paco around, widens the beefy gazoo cheeks, and slams his face into the intoxicating crevice. Paco's thighs rock reflexively. Rogan follows with a finger, then his 10-pounder, in a vehement, vertical fuck that alternates betwixt rapid full-body slams and a slow, carnal wave. Sweat falls like rain. They drop to the ground and fuck 2 ways on an old mattress until Paco sprays his load. Rogan takes aim at Paco's face and unleashes thick jets of cum during the time that roaring in rapture.

Raul Korso, John Rodriguez, Ansony

Release Year: 2015

Studio: KristenBjorn

Cast: Raul Korso, John Rodriguez, Ansony

Cunt Wreckers

Release Year: 2009

Studio: Dark Alley Media

Cast: Cristian Torrent, Aaron Giant, Matthieu Paris, Mike Butt, David Castan, Ben Armstrong, Albert Victor, Brent Bow, Fist Absolute

Marc Antoine and Zeke Weidman

These lads are at it anew... screwin' around with every other's throats and hawt holes. Lots of penis suckin', gooey facual cumshots, cum eating and ass ridin'!

Hot Sucking of Ryan Rose & Kevin Blake (720p)

Cast: Ryan Rose, Kevin Blake

Genres: Anal, Condom, ass play, blow job sex, rimming, masturbation, cum shots

sotted On Cum Orgy

Release Year: 2008

Cast: James Roscoe, Skeet, Fyerfli, Jake Fillups, Keer, Klep, Paul Stag, Aiden Camp, Tony and James Mitchell

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