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The Cocklover


The Cocklover

Release Year: 2013

Studio: ManSize

Cast: Noname

Genres: homosexual,anal,oral job,hardcore,spunk fountain

Hard to Hold (2006)

Starring: Kevin Wiles, Roberto Arias, Gino Colbert, Butch Taylor, Lee Jennings, Brandon Lee

Trophy 4   Mark (1983)

Release Year: 1983

Cast: Brandon (bw), Cliff (bw), Jeff (bw), Mark (bw), Steve (bw), Todd (bw

The Best of Colt Films 1&2

Release Year: 1983

Studio: Colt Studio

Description: Ah these days of yore: No condoms, disco music, and blow-dried hairdos. We could still do with 2 of these things, but so is life. All those 80's era puppies are discharged on actual film, and feature a rollicking disco soundtrack.The 1st film, Killer & Butch, is a Tom of Finland fever fantasy turned flesh, replete with immodest jockstraps (love that aroma) and condomless dongs. The film speed is a bit off, though.More goodness in the following films, which boast silliness like a Chris Atkins reject with his jock flopping about as this guy jumps rope, cop regalia including Village People-esque sunglasses (although I don't remember the VP's lapping up cum anywhere in Can't Stop The Music), and a biggest finale (the poignantly ironically titled Coming to the End) which includes laborers, military fellows, rangers, rednecks, and a hammock.The films included here are Killer & Butch, Gym Nasties, Playing With Danger, The Big Box, The Long Rangers, Prowlers, Sun Strokes, One More Time, Military Pass, Hard At Work and Coming to the End.Fuck champagne and polyester thrift.This is classic vintage, and u need to acquire it - now

Honesty (1989)


Honesty (1989)

Release Year: 1989

Cast: Al Matthews, Alvin Eros, Chris McKenzie, Jared Young, Jason Hunter, John Fell, Steve Kennedy, Ted Cox, Tom E. Lee

Sex Machine (1980)

Release Year: 1980

Cast: Jack Wrangler Merle French Peter Avery Wade Ford Jim Richards John Coletti Roger (Bijou) Roy Allen Steve Davidson Bill Harrison Barry (Bijou) Jack Dover Fred Stolle John Holmes

Boot Camp 2 (The Trenches) (1995)

Starring: Tim Lowe, Allen Lambert, Les Stine, Danny Brown, Matt Windsor, Kevin Glover, Tony Davis, Vincent Milo, Rick Sands

Glory Holes 5   Leather Mania (1995)

Starring: Chip Matthews, David Griffin, Dillon Reid, Jim Blackburn, Johnny Rahm, Lee Baldwin, Mark Sage, Mark Steel, Matt Windsor, Michael Gaylord, Nick Romano, Randy Storm, Tom West, Wes Daniels

Giants, Part 2


Giants, Part 2

Release Year: 2011

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios

Description: Giants, Part 2 proceeds a sizzling raunchy adventure throughout a sun-soaked, passion-filled vineyard. Follow ten hardbodied vintners as they satisfy their erotic needs beneath the sun and throughout the twilight into the night. A admirable vintage with astounding body, constricted corkage guaranteed to whet your appetite for an inspired frenzy of fucking.

Young Yankees (1984)

Release Year: 1984

Cast: Danny Connors Jose Morales Eric Ryan David Mann

Genres: Vintage Cops Pre-Condom

Stryker Force


Stryker Force

Release Year: 1987

Studio: Falcon Studios

Description: Hissing cobras! Quicksand! Naked savages! The soon-to-be vintage yet classic offering of Stryker is one of the almost all ambitious adult films I've ever seen.

Men Of Bullet (1986)

Release Year: 1986

Cast: Bruno, Kyle Hazard, Rod Mitchell, Gene Lamar, Will Seagers

Thank You, …


Thank You, ...

Release Year: 1999

Studio: Catalina

Cast: Blaine Myers, Blu Kennedy, Brunno Storni, Caleb Cross, Danny Lopez, Derek Steele, Eduardo Fourzan, Gabriel Rocas, Jack Van Dean, John Sexton, Lance Hancock, Mike Cesar, Rico Suave, Ryan Stevens, Sandy Sloan, Shae Richards, Steve Hurley

Gaytanamo Raw


Gaytanamo Raw

Release Year: 2007

Studio: Dark Alley Media

Video language: English

Critically-acclaimed director Matthias von Fistenberg brilliantly blends coarse, hardcore fucking with Dark Alley's trademark sense of humor and surprise create a dream space the one and the other intensely arousing and entertaining. With five scenes and, it's vintage Dark Alley, reminiscent of the award-winning Mutiny: Shipmates Revenge!

Five Hard Pieces High Riders (1982)

Release Year: 1982

Cast: Uncredited

Genres: Latin International Vintage Anal Brazilian Pre-Condom

My Big Buddy (1970)

Release Year: 1970

Cast: Uncredited

Genres: Feature Classic Pre-Condom

Kadettenlager 2


Kadettenlager 2

Release Year: 2008

Studio: Man`s Best

Cast: Martin Marell, Pavel Kant, Michal Ostrov, Dan Van Ayk, Jan Kolur, Roman Tusik, Karoll Manik

Bullet Videopac 2 (1982)

Release Year: 1982

Cast: Bull Dozier, Rod Mitchell, Tony Russo, Chuck Samson, Don Scott, Pete Bronsky, Bruno

Hot On The Trail (1984)

Release Year: 1984

Cast: Denis Beauvais, David DiLorenzo, Dominique Mendez, Serge Laurent, Christian Bridou, Frank Harnault, Didier Hamel, Frederic Sens, Pascal Duvet, Patrick Martel, Frederic LeMaire, Kevin Kellogs, Mark Sink

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