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American Adventures of Surelick Holmes

Release Year: 1980

Studio: Bijou Classics

Cast: David L. Chandler, Zebedy Colt, Barry Warfel, Rick Valentine, Chris von Brenner and Frank Massey.




Release Year: 1976

Studio: Bijou

Cast: Timothy Long, David Eleven, Jerry Patterson, Steve Preston

So Many Men, So Little Time

Release Year: 1979

Studio: Mustang Studios, Bijou Classics

Cast: Justin Thyme, Scott Allen, Kurt Thomas, Aaron Clark, Ed Stiffler, Kieth Antoni, Sven Johnson, Tony Stallione

Snow Balling


Snow Balling

Release Year: 1975

Studio: Bijou Video

Cast: Clay Russell, Dave Daniels, Kurt Williams, Michael Heath

Male Instinct

Release Year: 1992

Studio: Falcon-Mustang

Cast: Adam Archer Alex Carrington Bill Marlowe Danny Sommers Eric Stone Gino Colbert Mitch Rabida Rod Garetto

The Hung Riders

Release Year: 1994

Studio: Catalina

Cast: Scott Russell, Jake Andrews, Daryl Brock, Jonathon Steel, Charlie Boy, Eric York, Anthony Gallo, Steve Marks

Das Raubernest

Studio: Man's Best , Action Boys

Cast: Daniel Ricardo, Libor Johnson, Hans Miller, Georgio Di Napoli, Rodriguez Sanchez, Marek Maison

Johnny Harden and the Champs

Release Year: 1978

Studio: Falcon Studios

Cast: Sky Dawson, Hal Drake, Clint Ely, Mike Flynn, Johnny Harden, Bruce McMaster

Active Duty - Soldiers Ball: Bareback Two-Step

Genres: Anal

Classic vintage Active Duty/Dink Flamingo. The 1st scene with Ken & Cole is a personal fave.

Muscle Make


Muscle make

Cast: Chance Caldwell, Trevor Hansen, Tom Farrell, Dan Hopper, Matt Powers, Butch Taylor, Tony Brocco, Flex Gordon, Cole Faulkner

Brians Boys


Brians Boys

Studio: Nova

Fixing up your car is indeed cheap if u are ready to undress down and have sex with the grease monkeys! This is a dream about coming to clutches with your raunchy urges as a homosexual stud in the 70s. This is a very hawt piece of vintage homo pornography. Despite the videos age, the stars are very hawt! Hottie golden-haired surfer chap Brian Hawks and his studly allies acquire frisky with every other in this 80s flash from the past, that features hawt sex and greater quantity!

Men Who Dare


Men Who Dare

Release Year: 1987

Studio: Bijou Video

Cast: Antonio Vegas Barry Desmond Bryon Rogers Chris Simon Dan Stephens J.R. Forte Jay Richards Jesse Powers Joey D'Angelo Keith Raymond Kenny Symms Paul Jacobs Robert Prion Shawn Sheldon Tony Larsen

Theater Boys


Theater Boys

Studio: Man's Best, Mega Boys

Cast: Charles, Steve, Clark, Jonny, Roy, Tim, Paul

Genres: Vintage, Teens

Four In Hand


Four In Hand

Release Year: 1982

Studio: Nova Films, Midnight Men Video, Bijou Classics

Cast: Bo Richards, Pat Fulton, Tige Mcmasters, Derek Novak, Mark Newman, Dino Hard, Ross Franklin, Russ Hatfield

Fox Studio – Muscle make (1991)

Release Year: 1991

Cast: Butch Taylor, Chance Caldwell, Cole Faulkner, Dan Hooper, Flex Gordon, Matt Powers, Tom Farrell, Tony Bronco, Trevor Hansen

BoreN Stroke

Release Year: 1985

Studio: Fox Studio

Cast: Jimmy Metz, Noel Kemp, Michael Christophe, Bryan Young, Jon King

Bareback Classics - part 2 Disc 3

Release Year: 2009

Studio: Falcon

Cast: Luke Bender, Brad Mitchell, Danny Brown, Alex Stone, Chris Ladd, Phillip, Joe Cade, Robert Harris, Steve Hammond, Troy Mackenzie, Bill Adams, Eric Manchester.

Heat In The Night

Release Year: 1989

Studio: Falcon , Huge Video

Cast: Rex Chandler, Tom Steele, Tony Minetti, Brad Mitchell, Mike Anthony, Lon Flexxe, Bill Crane, Ryan Edwards, Tommy Breitz, Bill Marlowe, Cal Jensen and Charley Stone

Break In


Break In

Release Year: 1992

Studio: Falcon, Mustang

Cast: Adam Archer Alex Carrington Alex Thomas Arik Travis B.J. Slater Dan Hooper Jeremy Foxx Steve Cody