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Sex Guys and Videotape

Release Year: 1992

Studio: Falcon, Jocks

Cast: Bill Marlowe Dean Johnson Hank Conrad Jason Andrews Les Stine Marc Saber

Grand Prize, Directors Cut

Release Year: 1992

Studio: Falcon

Cast: Aiden Shaw Alan Lambert Alec Campbell Chuck Hunter Cliff Parker Grant King Matt Gunther Ray Butler Mr. Joseph (Non-sexual role)

BRO - Bareback Cruising Part 1 - Brian Huggins, Roman Todd

Roman Todd and Brian Huggins take us to simpler times in this 1st installment of Vintage RaW. To a time when raw and uninhibited sex was out of complications. Just 2 hawt and well-endowed chaps, eyeing every other, blowing every other, and fucking bareback.

Maverick vol.7 Chained

Release Year: 1973

Studio: Times Pictures, Maverick Video, Something Weird

Cast: Ned Burke, Carl Ford, Bill North, Tom Paine

The Seducers


The Seducers

Release Year: 1989

Studio: First Class Male

Cast: Keith Bradshaw, T.J., Brian, Jeromy (a.k.a. Paul Michaels)

This End Up


This End Up

Release Year: 1994

Studio: Falcon, Jocks

Cast: Brad Hunt, Troy Halston, Alec Powers, Mark West, Cutter West, Casey Williams, Anthony Moore, Brad Eriksen, Dean Johnson

Bend Over Buddies

Release Year: 1998

Studio: Ikarus Entertainment , YMAC

Cast: Steve Walker, Jeff Big, Yuri Chekov, Alex Peterson, Peter Allen, Simon Brown, Marc Taylor

California Blue

Studio: Bijou

Forget about California cuties, it is all about California guys in this sexy vintage romp on the beach and on rural farms in California. Skinny surfer lads and hawt mustache riding boy-friends in this classic homosexual movie scene!

Classe de neige

Release Year: 1984

Studio: French art, videovision

Cast: Pascal Duvet; Helmut Helder; Frank Harnault; Serge Laurent; Hank Reisner; Frederic Sens; Piotr Palanski; Dusko Dragan; Hubert :Godeman; Ange Dominique; Frederic Christopher.

The New Breed

Release Year: 1981

Studio: Laguna Pacific, Falcon Studios

Cast: Bill Henson, Kristen Bjorn, Nick Harlen, Tony Calhoun, Jeff Porter, Wes Cole, Tex Anthony

Anywhere, Anytime!

Release Year: 1985

Studio: YMAC Video, Avalon Video

Cast: Al Parker, Gino Colbert (uncertain), Jack Steele, Kevin




Release Year: 1974

Studio: Poolemar Productions, Bijou Video, Irving, Inc.

Cast: Burt Edwards, Casey Donovan, Curt Gerard, Peter Fisk, Tom Wright, Val Martin

Strange Places, Strange Things

Release Year: 1985

Studio: Surge Studio

Cast: David Ashfield, Derrick Stanton, Ivan, Melchor, Michael Charles, Rydar Hanson, Scott Taylor, Tony Kennedy

Private Dancer

Release Year: 1993

Studio: Mustang Studios

Cast: Danny Bliss Jesse Tyler Matt Mitchell Mitch Taylor Rev Sutton Rick Pantera Scott Hogan William Grail

Russian Lovers

Studio: Man's Best

Cast: Dimitry, Nikita, Boris, Serge

Genres: Teens, twinks, oral pleasure, anal, russian, vintage

Vintage Bareback Hairy Muscle Daddy Pt. vol.1

Release Year: 1976

Studio: Lavender Lounge

Like A


Like a

Release Year: 1984

Studio: Huge Video

Cast: Brad Walsh, Chaz Holderman, Eric Ruff, Joe Craig, Justin Scott, Mark Rebel, Matt Ramsey, Mike Ramsey, Randy Page, Shawn McIvan, Steve Henson

Seamen - The Gay Navy

Release Year: 1983

Studio: Brentwood, Trophy Video, Bijou Classics

Cast: Doug (bw)

Hot Rods


Hot Rods

Release Year: 1977

Studio: Bijou Classics (Nova Studios)

Cast: Jack Wrangler, Eddie Reed, Ray Moore, Lou Dye

South Bay Buddies

Release Year: 1975

Studio: YMAC

Cast: Keith Lowe, Chad Reeves, Sven Olson, Keith Dillon, Ricky Rhodes, Scott Aaron, Eric Penn, Kelly Morgan, Kevin Johnson and Bryan Byday