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Bailey (13th July 2011)

Produced in: 13th July 2011
Duration: Duration: 22 min 52 sec
Name: Sexy backpacker knocked out, hooded, bound up, naked exposed, ramrod and balls roped up & tormented, fingerfucked and abused on camera

What could be greater amount tempting than a buff juvenile boy, all by himself on the other side of the world? Dave and I are slumming it in a backpacking hostel, keeping our eyes out for facile targets.

Bailey fits the bill perfectly. Attracted to his lithe, built body, stylish face, and wide-eyed gormlessness, we are sure to book the same room as him... all we have to do is acquire him alone.

As Dave and I lie in await, Bailey is concentrating on making a clip diary to send to his girlfriend back home. He wanders all round the hostel filming himself talking about his days out in London, in advance of playing a really dire 'love song' to her on his guitar. Dave loses patience, grabs Bailey's guitar off him, and smashes him over the head with it. Bailey reels over, practically . He's ours.

Dave and I take our time tying Bailey to the ottoman, and cutting off his garments, piece by piece. We've put a bag over his head to aid keep him groggy, and all Bailey can do is mumble half-awake protests as I greedily grope his weenie and feel up his unshaved chest. Gradually, as I maul Bailey's jock and balls, and push my fingers up into his warm, perspired crack, the undressed str8 guy wakes up.

At 1st, Bailey thinks we're just horsing around. "Come on chaps, untie me now, the joke's over," this chab implores, "I promise I won't play my guitar any greater quantity." We just laugh, and proceed to caress his weenie, in advance of retying and throwing him down onto the daybed on his back.

But bondage isn't all we've got in store for this hapless pussy. Dave ties Bailey's ballls up and ropes em up into the air, whilst I widen his legs wide open and tie him up to expose his shaggy chocolate hole. We pry our fingers into his hirsute gap, laughing as that guy winces and pleads with us to stop, all caught on his own camcorder for his girlfriend back home.
But when Bailey begins yelling for aid, it's time to gag the vagina. No point in letting him ruin our enjoyment - we are going to work him over whether this guy cant live without it or not.

We anguish Bailey's nipps, squeezing em until this chab screams, in advance of moving on to his dong and balls, which we cover with a load of wicked pinching pegs. Bailey tries to take the pang bravely. But this chab realises this isn't just a prank when Dave shoves his finger unfathomable into Bailey's anal opening, and copulates him hard and fast, plundering away at his guts and stretching up his str8 virgin gap.
Dave and I laugh into the camera, and announce that Bailey's now ours... and what's greater quantity, we're going to fuck him.

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Bailey (13th July 2011)

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Bailey (13th July 2011)