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MormonBoyz - Elder Ricci and Elder Sorensen - Missionary Journal

When a Mormon guy is on his mission, he’s nearly at no time alone. Nearly each second of each day, he’s either coupled up with a companion, in the company of a priesthood holder, or in a bigger group setting where eyes can be on him at all times.

One of the scarcely any moments where missionaries receive a brief bit of privacy is when they use the baths or take a shower.

The moments are merely very brief, as their schedule is very regimented. But each guy looks forward to these moments of privacy.

An evening arose where Elder Ricci was able to linger in the shower a little longer than ordinary and that guy did not let it go to waste.

As this guy closed his eyes and felt the warm water wash off the suds from his chest and genitals, that guy was reminded of his 1st night with Elder Sorensen…

When the 2 1st went on splits jointly, they spent the day going around city on their bikes, getting to know one some other and talking about their mission experiences. Elder Ricci enjoyed his time with Elder Sorensen, but too knew this guy was a mission AP. He wanted to impress him.

Throughout that 1st day the 2 were frequently alone jointly. Elder Ricci thought no thing of it. That is until this guy caught Elder Sorensen checking him out.

He couldn’t be totally sure, but each time the 2 were alone in a secluded area, Sorensen would stare at his body or hold his gaze a little longer than normal. And his eyes were always lingering on his crotch.

It appeared to be as though that guy was expecting for Ricci to do smth, but the timid lad wasn’t sure what to do.

After a lengthy day of biking and sweating, Elder Ricci returned to his apartment with Sorensen and just now stripped, hopeless to take a shower.

He was in such a rush that that guy didn’t close the door to the baths. And when this guy noticed that the door was still very much ajar, this guy was already below the running water. So this chab continued on, pretending to ignore it, but secretly hoping Elder Sorensen would sneak a peak.

If that guy did spy on him in the shower, this chab would know what the chap actually wanted.

Elder Sorensen had been aching to masturbate for days, seeming to not at any time have a chance. His regular companion would wake up late each morning and shower in a rush. Sorensen barely had time to acquire hard, let alone jerk off and cum.

Elder Sorensen was in the baths brushing his teeth, preparing himself for couch, when this guy could hear the faucet of the shower turn on.

From where that guy was, Sorensen could watch Ricci showering throughout the open door. At 1st, this guy considered simply running to his ottoman to jerk off. But out of the corner of his eye, this guy caught a glimpse of this boy’s very big ramrod.

Sorensen was surprised by how lengthy and girthy Elder Ricci’s member was. He had in fact been checking him out all day, but had yet to watch him even in his clothing. In this uncommon pont of time, that guy watched as Elder Ricci washed up his lean, muscular body.

Elder Sorensen knelt down on the floor just out of sight and began wanking his erection throughout his raiment. He watched throughout the open door as Elder Ricci touched himself all over.

He was just out of view but the chap did leave the baths door open. He wondered if this youthful missionary knew that guy was being watched.

As Elder Ricci went about his bathing routine, Sorensen continued to tug and tease at his hard ramrod, stealing glances at each chance that guy could. As Ricci began to soap up his backside and arse, Sorensen noticed his manhood swell slightly.

Elder Ricci ran the soap over his body lazily and methodically. He didn’t wish to look out into the hallway, fearing that making eye contact would break the dream, but unfathomable down this chab knew Sorensen was watching. The idea lewd him, causing his shlong to harden underneath the warm shower stream.

Ricci began to imagine what being with Elder Sorensen would be like. The 2 had merely just met, but that guy felt a connection with him that was greater quantity than just typical missionary camaraderie. He wanted to touch his body, smack his lips, and feel his rod in his throat. Elder Ricci soaped up his hands and began to play with his aperture, making his weenie even harder.

He cant live without that, Elder Sorensen thought to himself, increasing the intensity of his strokes. Sorensen removed his clothing, getting easier access to his rock hard shaft. His eyes stayed glued on Elder Ricci’s soaked body, letting his mind fantasize about what fucking him would be like.

He imagined eating the boy’s aperture, feeling how constricted it would feel on the tip of his tongue, and how warm and relaxed this chab could make it. He considered the weight and width of the boy’s penis, imagining how it would feel in his face hole, making it is way to the back of his mouth.

Soon the steam from the shower made it is way toward him, heating him up even greater amount as that guy stroked himself. As Elder Sorensen pulled at his erection, this chab could feel the familiar tightening of his prostrate, readying itself for jizz flow. Sorensen knew that guy had to cum in advance of his companion came out, but didn’t wish to waste a second of this opportunity…

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MormonBoyz - Elder Ricci and Elder Sorensen - Missionary Journal

MormonBoyz - Elder Ricci and Elder Sorensen - Missionary Journal

MormonBoyz - Elder Ricci and Elder Sorensen - Missionary Journal

MormonBoyz - Elder Ricci and Elder Sorensen - Missionary Journal

MormonBoyz - Elder Ricci and Elder Sorensen - Missionary Journal

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MormonBoyz - Elder Ricci and Elder Sorensen - Missionary Journal