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Msr - Genuine Leather

In it is heyday, the finest Grade A prime beef in America came to Chicago and it is infamous slaughterhouse, the Stockyards. Now, the finest Grade A prime beef in homosexual porn cums to Chicago and it is infamous men’s club, Steamworks. And if the Stockyards were leaking in sap, the Steamworks is oozing in sweat, spit, jizm and testosterone - buckets and buckets of testosterone.

So forget the Kleenex - you’ll need extra-absorbent Bounty to wipe up all the jizz you’ll discharge during this sleaze-fest. MSR has assembled an fantastic cast of breathtakingly masculine dudes for one purpose: to use every other for the maximum fun allowed below law - or not!

They leave no orifice unkissed, unsucked or unfucked. They are ruthless in their pounding - and their excitement. These dudes are all thoroughly and unapologetically enjoying themselves as they shove every other sexually over the edge.

And like these cows from the Midwest, those bulls come with their own hides: jet-black, skin-tight dudes that frame their thick dicks and strong booties more excellent than the Chicago Art Institute ever could.

The nastiness acquires off to a stiffening begin with MSR discovery Diego Alvarez scissor-stretched on a . Talk about marbled beef: the veins in his hips and arms are thicker than some knobs! His own shlong is tastier than any tube steak, and this guy has an interesting technique for tenderizing his meat - this chab slaps it with his hand, hard. This lad takes the term "spanking the monkey" a bit also literally.

He is in a short time joined by bald-plated Brad McGuire who does the 1st of many delightsome rim jobs. Carlos Morales, with a gentle face, a hard body and cast-iron rectal walls, joins in and stuffs his meat into Alvarez’ face hole. The 4th player arrives - Michael Brandon, who one time afresh proves this chab is greater amount than just a Sears Tower-sized 10-pounder. Brandon and McGuire shove Alvarez and Morales over the and pound at their booties like some perverse piñatas whilst the Latin paramours engulf face. Watching 2 dudes seriously kiss whilst getting seriously screwed is seriously sexy.

While there are some colorful cowhides, none can compare to the tattooed skin of Steve Cannon. He is joined by Nick Piston, a youthful, strong skateboarder sort, and Ben Archer, who looks like that guy stepped down from a 1970s Colt Calendar - mega-masculine with darksome hair and hirsute mustache. Cannon’s almost any interesting tattoo is a massive Celtic-lettered "sinner" inked across the diminutive of his back, with arrows pointing down. As every stud takes turns rimming and fucking Cannon, this artwork takes on a surreal context. Try showing this segment to some Bible-thumper the next time that guy says "hate the sin, love the sinner!"

The 3rd scene is a three-ring circus of sleaze. In the center ring are the implacable Piston and Cannon, doing their own acrobatic action with Cannon in a sling. At one point Cannon begins swinging back and forth - and on and off Piston’s knob. One doesn’t know which to admire greater quantity: Cannon’s stamina or Piston’s aim.

In the left ring is masked marvel Damian Ford and fresh-faced porn pup, Antonio. After some soaked mutual magnificence aperture engulfing, the Chicago cub climbs on the sling and opens his very constricted aperture for the Ford sedan. The camera captures Ford’s achingly slow penetration inch by appealing inch, whilst Antonio urges him on.

In the right ring, Brandon and Archer return to ram the face hole and arsehole of some other Msr newcomer: the black, lean, and goateed Rich Strong. First, Brandon bonks Strong’s face and Archer bonks his arse, and then they trade places. It’s a helluva way to say hi to the fresh boy.

The finale is the hottest yet: a pas-de-dick betwixt real-life paramours Colton Ford and Blake Harper. Amidst all the deep-throating, asshole-sucking and power-fucking, there is real romance on display. When Harper 1st burst on to the scene, this chab was coupled with former boyfriend Jason Branch. They were the hottest pair around, but it was clear who was the "junior" partner. With Ford, things are a bit different. First, Harper has bulked up and is sexier than ever. Even more good, there is a greater sense of equality betwixt the 2. Both give as wonderful as they receive, and receive as precious as they give.

The scene starts with Harper and Ford giving every other Hall-of-Fame admirable blowjobs in cubicles with brilliance holes. They then move to a bench with a aperture in it. Ford poses his face underneath the aperture, and Harper sits on it, giving Ford ample access to an ample aperture. Let’s just say if your arse has seen greater amount traffic than O’Hare Airport, it’s going to show. It’s deliciously disgusting. They switch places, and in a sleazily fleshly pont of time, they kiss throughout the gap. Ford then puts his own sphincter on display for Harper’s tongue, and it’s beautiful - fully mellow and willing for act.

And act it acquires, as Ford let us Harper fuck him from behind. Ford is a marvel of a chap; in the "City of Broad Shoulders," this chab could poke his way throughout any crowd. He is not the type one sees bottom. But that guy wishes his fellow inside him, and his fellow obliges. They then switch, and one as well as the other lastly discharge generous loads in advance of collapsing on every other, as exhausted as the viewer will be.

This is an outstanding movie scene; so why the missing half-star? Simple: half the time Alizzi inexplicably receives shy over sodomy. Archer's 2 copulates receive solely medium-range side shots. Antonio's initial penetration is just that - and no thing greater amount! And if Colton and Blake don’t win the GayVN Award for Best Duo, it will solely be cuz their screen copulates are barely shown. Given the otherwise brilliant displays in Prowl 3, it is as frustrating as it is surprising.

Still, Prowl 3: Genuine Leather is one of the hottest movie scenes in new memory. MSR has created a wonderful suck-sessor to the Fallen Angel and Link series. I can’t expect for greater amount with Four.

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Msr - Genuine Leather

Msr - Genuine Leather

Msr - Genuine Leather

Msr - Genuine Leather

Msr - Genuine Leather

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Msr - Genuine Leather