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Tight Ends & Wide Receivers Part 1 and 2

Release Year: 2018

If you’ve ever wondered what football teams do in perspired locker rooms after a game... well, this probably isn’t it. It’s unlikely that everybody on the whole team is a total poof and everybody goes around frantically pushing every other in the bum post-game, but what the hell, this is art, right?

Much of the film revolves around the lustful daydreams of Storm, a spry little nymphet who longs to play with the large guys. First, Storm fantasizes about being on the receiving end of 3 teammates - Scott, Andros and Starr.

Meanwhile, Storm is poking dildos in his holes as that guy receives worked into a frenzy. In order to give the scene that dreamlike quality, it has this annoying blue lighting and other effects that detract from the act.

Next, belting bucks Score and Jerek take time off from plotting against the trainer to receive it on. Jerek receives it in the glutes from his concupiscent teammate, previous to shooting his gook onto his own face!

Addams and Cage are up next. Cage has a stiff sapling betwixt his legs, which fits perfectly into Addams’ throat. Addams ends up with his "tight end" being invaded by Cage’s schvantz and a multiformity of toys.

Storm blows in for the next scene, where a weight room damage prompts Scott to give some 1st help. His unconventional healing technique involves engulfing Storm’s doodle. Scott’s own tool is of great proportions, and it eventually finds it is way into the "brown eye of the Storm."

Another annoying fantasy sequence is next on the agenda, starring Starr, Scott and Andros one time once more. This time, Andros is the bottom, and his Hispanic heiney acquires invaded by penises galore and a sex toy.

In the last scene, Storm has his last dream, where this chab makes it with the tutor, played by Daniels. He begins by orally satisfying Daniels’ palpitating tallywhacker and winking nubbin, previous to this guy let us Daniels pound the bejesus out of him.

Remember high school when u dreamed of nailing the star quarterback of the football team (if this chab was cute sufficiently that is)? All the gals would acquire dreamy-eyed and giddy when that guy would walk by, as well as each youthful, concupiscent, fresh-faced fellow that was flowering into their gayness. It was tough to cover up that hard on, huh?

Now u can bring these memories home once more and relive the passion and raunchy charge throughout the muscle hunks of Tight Ends & Wide Receivers, Part 2. The story follows the lives of the team members in the 1st part of this series in a loose plot about blackmail, raunchy wishes and winning the large game against the rival team. The acting is beautiful bad; the sex is majority definitely not!

From one fuck scene to the next we are given large knobs, violent hardons, terrific ass-play, and some amazing double penetration (seen during the foursome fuckfest at the end). There is a shaving scene where youthful towel guy Sean Storm is treated to an wazoo cleaning by tutor Chip Daniels. The cute, pink chocolate hole puckers as Daniels blows the bald hair from it and u can wager this will satisfy your fetishes. Stick your tongue in and take up with the tongue away.

Two of the team members, hung over from a night of partying, receive an angry call from Coach Daniels demanding they make it for the practice in advance of the night’s large game. Still a little delirious, one as well as the other of the babes acquire willing to leave solely to discover the truck won’t begin. A sizzling sex scene follows in the garage betwixt the 2. Dildo usage, erotic giving a kiss, a-hole fucking for days and some great blowjobs make this pair a need to watch. Their chemistry is dynamite.

The flick proceeds along until (and out of giving the ending away) we make it to the greatest part of tale - the foursome. Four pretty hunks writhing over one one more in rapture will make u so hard that u may discover it difficult to contain your big o to the end. This scene is especially unparalleled to the film since double penetration and four way fucking ensues. Lying on top of one some other like dominoes, the four chaps fuck and acquire screwed in unison. They drive home their dicks, during the time that gyrating their constricted asses in beat with one one more. The moaning and enormous breathing, combined with great close ups and face shots, is a treat for any connoisseur.

Recommended for it is fuck-packed scenes and virtually unnoticeable condoms, this one delivers. Screw the football games after Thanksgiving dinner. Plug in a copy of this and you’ll have that turkey and pumpkin pie burned off in no time.

Tight Ends & Wide Receivers Part 1 and 2

Tight Ends & Wide Receivers Part 1 and 2

Tight Ends & Wide Receivers Part 1 and 2

Tight Ends & Wide Receivers Part 1 and 2

Total size: 4.7 GB in 2 files.

Tight Ends & Wide Receivers Part 1 and 2

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