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Session 69: Masters Dean, Derek & Steve

Sales teams are notorious stomping grounds for bully guy alpha-males, the adrenaline thrill of sealing a deal and of course getting a large corpulent soaked bonus at the end of the month. All very caveman. So woe betide anyone that acquires betwixt a salesman and his bonus. A warning that ben has obviously at no time been made aware of.

Sales Manager Corporalist Dean strides into the office to congratulate his star salesmen Steve and Derek on hitting their targets. However, their bonus is based on the entire teams performance and thanks to crappy sales dude ben, no one is getting everything supplementary this month.

Ben has let down every stud in the team, and that makes it personal.

It doesn't take lengthy for Corporalist Dean's tough army background to shine throughout. Demanding ben acquires punished for his weak, piss-poor performance the other chaps surround the meek sub and order him to undress undressed and accept his fate.

Poked down to his knees by Dean and kept in place by northerner Derek's foot planted firmly in the midst of his back the bottom tongue bathes the sales managers shoes, worshipping em and paying homage as demanded, pleading to his Masters that that guy is sorry and begging for their anguish to end.

It's all gone a little also far now for ben not to acquire properly tutored by his boss and work colleagues. Dominant Dean and Slaver Derek bark orders and insults at him like a rapid fire machine gun as the sub's ears too take a bashing.

The feeling of vigour and control over ben is shared amongst the group, every taking their turn to abuse the sub and have him serve em by worshipping at their feet. Slaver Dean gobs into the useless bottom's a-hole, easily slipping a finger in bens gap and fucking him with it as the sub proceeds to worship Derek's shoes.

Slavemaster Steve widens the sub's butt cheeks wider as Dean pummels his finger into ben's crap aperture up to his knuckle. The bottom's groaning solely spurs on his tormentors to treat him with even greater quantity contempt, Derek using a leather crop on the cum-hole until angry red welts appear all over it's body.

Dean pulls his finger out so Steve can bury 2 of his fingers unfathomable into the sub's sore aperture, every Top egging the other on to castigate the ribald little love tunnel even greater amount.

Grabbing a roll of gaffer tape from a drawer, sales manager Dean seals the sub's face hole up whilst the others hold ben down on a chair. Solely able to breath throughout his nose, Slavemaster Dean receives in the sub's face and shows him who is boss. Pinching ben's nose closed Dean has total control over when the sub can take his next life giving breath. The slothful little fucker won't forget this lesson for a lengthy time.

Just to make sure their point is made, Corporalist Steve drops his trousers around his ankles to expose his peachy firm butt. Getting up on the desk this guy widens his perspired cheeks wide and the sub's face acquires rammed betwixt em, normally a pleasurable experience for a horny bottom like ben, but with his boss still controlling his breathing the fear of passing out overrides any fun that guy might have had from his face being in such a charming, warm and pungent place.

Dean lastly releases his grasp over ben's nostrils and the sub sucks in a lungful of air, tainted by the smell of his Master's booty. Derek pushes ben's head further in betwixt Steve's ass cheeks untill the sub's nose is buried in perspired gazoo hair and his Master's sphincter. Every breath that guy takes is fragranced by Steve's mellow butthole.

Corporalist Steve is fired up and desires to train this mug a lesson. Grabbing a scarf and a piece of wood this guy makes a garrote around the sub's neck, not fast tightening it as Dean and Derek tease and abuse ben, not fast giving a kiss in front of him and feeding him their warm spent air into his nostrils.

As the knot acquires tighter around this mouth ben struggles to fill his lungs with new air. A heartless and inventive torment.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 14:03
Episode: 960x540, Windows Media Movie scene NINTH, 2180kbps
Audio: 62kbps

Session 69: Masters Dean, Derek & Steve

Session 69: Masters Dean, Derek & Steve

Session 69: Masters Dean, Derek & Steve

Session 69: Masters Dean, Derek & Steve

Session 69: Masters Dean, Derek & Steve

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Session 69: Masters Dean, Derek & Steve

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