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The Gardener’s Secret

Release Year: 2023
Cast: Bob Knight, Milo Miles
Genres: Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Dick, Blowjob, Cumshot, Muscles, Rimming, Skinny, Smooth, Twink
Video language: English

Mr. Knight cant live without his work. He ran a successful yard maintenance business, and discovered gratification in transforming his client’s cluttered, overgrown yards into clean, immaculate landscapes. There was too the perk of being able to hire merely the best-qualified, hard-working, and gracious (!!!) gardeners that guy could discover.

Speaking of stylish, Mr. Knight unexpectedly encountered such a chap in the form of his newest hire, a talented gardener named Milo. Just a hardly any weeks agone, the dark-haired Latin girl shyly entered Mr. Knight’s office looking for a landscaping job. At 1st, Mr. Knight mistook Milo for a teenager due to his extra-petite size and height.

Milo surprised the landscaper by informing him that that guy was in his mid-twenties. Milo had been taught the craft of gardening by his grandparents. He decided to apply for a job at Mr. Knight’s organization in part coz of the business's stellar reputation. Secretly, though, that guy likewise applied coz that guy thought Mr. Knight was drop- hot.

For as lengthy as this chab could remember Milo had a thing for tall chaps. And not just taller than himself, but truly tall; of males. This fixation made finding a fellow a little tricky at times. Milo, being solely 5’4”, was constantly being mistaken for a high school student. He often discovered himself reassuring the fellows this guy lusted after that this guy was not jailbait.

For Milo, Mr. Knight was consummate. It was a biggest turn-on that his fresh boss—and crush—was super tall. Milo had seen Mr. Knight outside one worthy, random day with no shirt on, with the DILF wearing form-fitting blue jeans. Sweat dripped down the boy’s lean chest. The juvenile dude knew that guy had to have him!

So Milo woke up additional early in the morning, got to the job web page previous to anyone else, and waited patiently for Mr. Knight to arrive. To Mr. Knight’s great surprise (and fun the pocket-sized super-cutie was already in the yard—waiting, it appeared to be.

“What are u doing here this early?” Mr. Knight asked. Was it strange that his heart was beating just a little faster? It wasn’t just his heart rate that rose, either. The sight of Milo, hardly reaching his boss’s chest in terms of height, gave an unexpected thrill.

“I’ve been awaiting for u,” Milo told with a twist of a smile.

That was all Mr. Knight needed to hear. He smiled broadly and wrapped his arm around youthful Milo. The boss led the pint-sized twink to the woodshed, where they could be alone and undisturbed—at least until the rest of the crew arrived. Both knew this and began undressing every other just as quickly as they could!

Mr. Knight was impressed with how well-endowed and large around Milo’s pulsating erection was- particularly in contrast to the petite size of the rest of his body. However, it was Milo’s wide-eyed reaction to the sight of Mr. Knight’s mammoth shlong that got the giant thrill out of em the one and the other!

Mr. Knight adored the way that Milo sank to his knees and used his juicy throat and tongue to fun him. After just a not many minutes of this electric attention, Mr. Knight felt primal longing start to take over. He pulled Milo back to his feet, spun him around and sank to his own knees. He drove his hungry tongue unfathomable into Milo’s constricted sphincter. Milo grabbed onto the nearest support within arm’s reach and cried out in ecstasy.

All also in a short time, Milo thought, the bathing of his entrance ended. Mr. Knight rose to his feet. He aimed his baseball-bat-of-a-cock towards Milo’s now-slickened aperture. The delirious juvenile twink took a lengthy, unfathomable breath and readied himself for entry.

Mr. Knight’s cockhead had barely permeated Milo’s miniature, constricted entrance when one as well as the other men gasped at the sensation. Milo had fantasized countless times about this pont of time and thought this guy would be willing, but damn! Mr. Knight was heavy! However, the little twink loved each slow, steady inch that his gigantic paramour shoved into him.

Somehow, Mr. Knight got all the way to the hilt of Milo’s petite twink bottom. The 2 paramours took a pont of time to have a fun themselves there. They kissed deeply. For a second, Mr. Knight didn’t know whether to fuck the juvenile man fast or slow—what pace would most good celebrate this accomplishment? What this chab did know was that Milo was easily the tightest chap he’d ever been inside of, and it indeed didn’t matter if this guy screwed his a-hole at any special speed. What mattered, what actually mattered, was that Milo was an astonishing hire, and was going to earn his paycheck anew, and afresh, and again…

Format: mp4
Duration: 16:41
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 3641kbps
Audio: 124kbps

The Gardener’s Secret

The Gardener’s Secret

The Gardener’s Secret

The Gardener’s Secret

The Gardener’s Secret

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The Gardener’s Secret